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Moby offers free remix download ahead of new album


Story by Jack Foley

MOBY has teamed up with RCRD LBL to release an exclusive DJ mix of tracks from his upcoming record, Last Night (Mute Records/EMI).

With over 20 years in the business, 15 million records sold and three years since his last album, Moby comes back to a place on the dancefloor with an album that taps his many influences and with a special exclusive preview mix of these tracks for fans to download only at the RCRD LBL site.

Throughout the campaign, fans will be able to download and embed Moby widgets for their desktop, website or blog to keep track of his tour dates, photos, new releases and more.

To download this exclusive ‘Last Night’ mix for free go to

Commenting on the concept behind Last Night, Moby explained: “Last Night is basically a love letter to dance music in New York City. What I love about the New York approach to dance music is the eclecticism and the open minded-ness on the part of the musicians, the dj’s, and the people in the bars and clubs.

“In making Last Night I essentially tried to take a long eight hour night out in New York City and condense it into a 65 minute long album.”

Turning his attention to RCRD LBL, he added: “I love the fact that as the old/traditional infrastructure of the music business is breaking down it’s being replaced by new and more compelling institutions like RCRD LBL.

“The vice-grip hegemony of the corporate labels and corporate radio stations is loosening every day, which can only be seen as a good thing for music and listeners.”

RCRD LBL is an online record label releasing exclusive and completely free music from emerging and established artists. In addition to its in-house label, the RCRD LBL network includes a curated roster of independent record labels offering free MP3 downloads and multimedia content in blog format.

RCRD LBL’s in-house artists, as well as their partner labels are paid for having their music up on the site. The site is a joint venture between Downtown Music (Gnarls Barkley, Cold War Kids, Justice) and online media pioneer Peter Rojas (Engadget, Weblogs Inc.)