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Moby - Wait For Me Remixes

Moby, Wait For Me Remixes

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

YOU’VE got to hand it to Moby, the man is tireless – and that’s no matter what you think of his music.

Not content with merely putting out albums of original content on a regular basis, he also now ensures there’s a remix edition for each one. Hence, Wait For Me – his last long-player – now gets a gargantuan, 2-CD remix package featuring a DJ set from Moby himself, plus workouts from some of the hottest DJs and producers on the planet.

With a distinctly dance flavoured theme, Moby has assembled the likes of Tiesto, Laidback Luke, Gui Boratto and Carl Cox to deliver re-interpretations of the album, thereby turning one of his most chilled out offerings since 18 into a proper Ibiza-themed club filler.

Some of this works, some of it doesn’t. But it’s a far better stab at remixing a complete album than his last one… the forgettable Last Night Remixed

And while you certainly have to lean towards the super-club scene (rather than big beat boutiques) to get the best from it, there are some very hip reworkings of Moby’s cuts… underlining the fact that this particular dance act is still considered as essential as ever on that scene.

Tiesto, for instance, says of his remix: “Its always an honour to remix Moby. He’s a legend and a true electronic music pioneer. I chose Shot In The Back Of The Head because it was a track that I’d always enjoyed and connected to emotionally. I wanted to do something a little tougher and darker with the remix. I’m really happy with how it came out.”

And Carl Cox offers: “Moby has been such a major part of the electronic scene its always a pleasure to work with him. Walk With Me stood out instantly as a track on the album I wanted to remix with it’s haunting vocal and spiritual sound, I wanted to really push my limits production wise with this remix.

“Bringing an electro tinge to the track and a constantly building drum infused bassline which really draws you in, this remix really stands out for me from the style of music I am normally associated with…”

Laidback Luke, meanwhile, states: “Wait For Me instantly grabbed me with the piano melody and the melancholic atmosphere. I thought back to seeing footage from Moby playing my track Shake It Down at Ultra Music Festival during Miami Winter Music Conference. So, I made a techy / melancholic rework/Shake It Down type remix!”

Given such comments, it’s little wonder that this aims squarely for the dance scene… but fans of those big name remixers will lap up what’s been done with the songs of Wait For Me regardless of what they considered of the original versions.

On that level, it’s therefore a success, even though, personally, too many Ibiza-fixated dance tracks become something of a turn-off. But that didn’t prevent me from busting the occasional groove to the likes of Laidback Luke, Mixhell and Tiesto with their various makeovers!

Download picks: Isolate (Mixhell Remix), Wait For Me (Paul Kalkbrenner remix), Wait For Me (Laidback Luke remix), Shot In The Back Of The Head (Tiesto Remix)

Track listing:
Disc: 1

  1. Isolate (Mixhell remix)
  2. Slow Light (Maps remix)
  3. Wait For Me (Paul Kalkbrenner remix)
  4. Pale Horses (Gui Boratto’s Last Window remix)
  5. Walk With Me (Carl Cox remix)
  6. Mistake (Yuksek remix)
  7. One Time We Lived (Laurent Wolf remix)
  8. Jltf (Chuckie remix)
  9. Wait For Me (Laidback Luke remix)
  10. Stay Down (Popof remix)
  11. Study War (Savage Skulls remix)
  12. Shot In the Back Of The Head (Tiesto remix)

Disc: 2

  1. Walk With Me (Carl Cox remix)
  2. Shot In The Back Of The Head (Tiesto remix)
  3. Wait For Me (Laidback Luke remix)
  4. Mistake (Dabruck & Klein remix)
  5. Study War (Savage Skulls remix)
  6. Jltf (Chuckie remix)
  7. Slow Light (Maps remix)
  8. One Time We Lived (Sharooz remix)
  9. Stay Down (Julian Jeweil)
  10. Wait For Me (Jean Elan remix)
  11. Walk With Me (Jon Rundell remix)
  12. Stay Down (Popof remix)
  13. Pale Horses (Gui Boratto’s Last Window Remix)