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Morrissey and Marshall - And So It Began (Review)

Morrissey and Marshall, And So It Began

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

DUBLIN duo Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall, collectively known as Morrissey & Marshall, unveil their debut album in the form of the aptly named And So It Began and immediately appear to be going places.

Shot through with elements of folk, indie and rock, not to mention some pop sensibilities and an abundance of the compelling signature vocal harmonies the duo have become known for, And So It Began has already drawn favourable comparison with the likes of the Everly Brothers, The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel as well as Fleet Foxes and Turin Brakes.

Recorded and produced by John Reynolds (Sinéad O’ Connor, Damien Dempsey, Passenger, Seun Kuti) at his ‘New Air’ studios in London, the album adopts a straightforward, yet intricately layered, warm and pristine feel that immediately lends it a classic feel.

The melodies are bright, the vocal combinations strong and while quite often veering towards breezy, the duo aren’t afraid to throw in moments of grit that provide the rock backdrop that enables them to slide between genres so effortlessly.

Hence, those who know them for former single I’ve Got A Plan and its upbeat, troubadour-esque qualities may have been thrown something of a curveball. Yes, there are further similar moments.

But on tracks like In Need of Guidance and The Past Four Days the softer folk inclinations are embellished by a grittier rock guitar sound that gives rise to some thrilling highs. It’s during such moments that the album really grabs the attention and holds it.

In contrast, You Are Who You Are is an acoustic slow-builder that really does recall the winning simplicity of Messrs Simon & Garfunkel or those Everly boys. It’s a quietly empowering tale of being true to one’s self (“you’re the master, the dancer, the centre, the truth and the world is resting on you”).

Just occasionally, they slip into territory that’s a little too easy listening (I’ve Got A Plan and A Song From The Birds being two examples that underwhelm). But more often than not, they’re a compelling new presence.

Hence, further highlights come in the form of album opener and title track And So It Began, We Are One (which really has a robust folk-rock sound to accompany its gutsy lyrics) and the dusky blues and slide guitar inflicted closing shot High and Low, which even nods towards Noel Gallagher sung Oasis (and therefore The Beatles).

Like we said, Morrissey and Marshall impress with this debut and would appear to have a very bright future ahead of them.

Download picks: In Need of Guidance, And So It Began, The Past Four Days, We Are One, High and Low

Track listing:

  1. And So It Began
  2. Pack up Lady
  3. Old Tree
  4. In Need of Guidance
  5. The Past Four Days
  6. You Are Who You Are
  7. I’ve Got a Plan
  8. A Song from the Birds
  9. The Mantra
  10. We Are One
  11. High and Low