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Natascha Sohl - Dirty Little Word

Natascha Sohl, Dirty Little Word

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

NATASCHA Sohl admits to feeling a little anti-love when it came to penning her sophomore album, Dirty Little Word, but as is so often the case with LPs spawned by heartbreak, it serves to create a heady cocktail of radio friendly rock-pop hits.

Sohl has progressed nicely since her underwhelming debut LP Strange Fascination to create a fuller, maturer sound that has easily been embraced by fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

She still possesses Alanis Morissette style tendencies, as well as a little Avril Lavigne, but is a London lass at heart who looks set to benefit from the crossover sound that working with Russ DeSalvo in New York has afforded her music.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that her sound has been picked up by US TV networks for use on shows such as MTV’s The Hills – it has that soundtrack vibe that sits well alongside the moving image.

The songs fly thick and fast too… all highly polished, perfectly listenable and occasionally belting.

Album opener Naked is a good starting point… a heart on sleeve moment that combines Sohl’s newfound lyrical sincerity with some nice pop-rock tendencies.

Title track Dirty Little Word follows in suitably robust fashion to further underline the Avril Lavigne tendencies, while tracks like If I Was A Boy and Yesterday’s Rain showcase Sohl’s ability to mix playful with atmospheric.

Beauty In The Silence, meanwhile, opens with a Music-era Madonna style vibe that’s really satisfying and unfolds into one of the real highlights.

And album closer Afterglow adds some nice string accompaniments and a Bollywood-ish vibe during its closing stages to end things on a supremely confident note and really highlight just how Sohl is continuing to grow and embellish her sound.

Former single Fade, meanwhile, is a smart little guitar-driven anthem that drops a nicely bittersweet vibe and some image-laden lyrics of lazy Sunday afternoons spent drinking tea and talking about nothing.

Sohl may not represent quite the finished article just yet, but she’s maturing nicely and seems well equipped for career longevity. She also boasts a sound that’s equally at ease on both sides of the Atlantic – a key point in ensuring healthy album sales and carrying her forward.

She’s well worth paying attention to as Dirty Little Word is a coming-of-age LP that’s smart, heartbroken and catchy.

Download picks: Naked, Fade, Afterglow, Yesterday’s Rain, Habit, Beauty In The Silence

Track listing:

  1. Naked
  2. Dirty Little Word
  3. Habit
  4. Beauty In The Silence
  5. Nothing Else Matters
  6. If I Was A Boy
  7. I’m Not Listening
  8. Fade
  9. Yesterday’s Rain
  10. Body Beautiful
  11. I’m So Happy
  12. Hands Off My Past
  13. Afterglow