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Nelson - Revolving Doors

Nelson, Revolving Doors

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

IT’S rare for a band’s first album to deliver a fresh, experimental sound that raises eyebrows and is laced with confidence, but Nelson seem to have done just that with the release of Revolving Doors. The post-rock quartet dive into a fusion of sounds and shapes which form a set of enjoyable and interesting songs.

The band really excel with their use of electronic samples that are sprinkled throughout the album. Sometimes they are used to enforce a far darker, gothic sound but, at other times, the introduction of strings can raise the song to another level. This is key in keeping the listener involved and excited by the music, although sometimes the noises used can lean more toward cacophonous chaos than eccentric musical ability.

The opening track, Slow Falling, quickly defines the band, where electric guitar and rock drums are fused with electronic samples. The song ascends to a peak and flourishes with aggressive sounds over a soft, spoken vocal that’s hard to compare to any other artist, old or new. The band have clearly reserved their place in a new, growing genre that includes Cold War Kids, Menomena and Broken Social Scene.

The (Over) Song progresses and builds up with rough, distorted guitars that seem to swirl up and up, taking the entire song with it, before falling again to nothing. The repeated vocal, “this is not over”, is whispered and shouted in a clever overlapping chorus that feels swamped in feeling.

The song Seasons is a pause for breath from a thumping album and sounds more like Micah P. Hinson or Conor Oberst than a song from a rock band.

A rare low point is Paid It All, which is overloaded with unnecessary sounds and the scary nursery rhyme at the end is, frankly, not very nice to listen to.

But the last song on the album, Freak Shows, is more smooth and commercial sounding than the rest of the album. Guitars work well together, strumming and plucking around a repeated melody as a heartbeat provides the core to the song. The vocals seem lost in the music and combine well to create a highlight to a very good album.

Nelson have created a fantastic sound that will certainly impress a lot of people. With rough, darker undertones, they constantly keep you guessing and reveal fantastic musical ability.

Download Picks: Slow Falling, The (Over) Song, Inside, Seasons, Freakshows

Track Listing:

  1. Slow Falling
  2. The (Over) Song
  3. Silence In Your Mind
  4. The Darkest Parts Of Your True Confessions
  5. Inside
  6. People And Thieves
  7. Seasons
  8. Acrobatics
  9. I [SYC] Stop
  10. Paid It All
  11. Freakshows

  1. Good spot. This is a band on the rise. Can’t wait to check them out live.

    Ben    Sep 30    #