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Nephu Huzzband - Live In London

Nephu Huzzband

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

NEPHU Huzzband stumble through Live In London in their indefinably unique and lazily brash style.

A small set of songs, recorded live at The Dublin Castle in Camden, jump erratically from punchy punk to post-rock, marking the introduction of this young Nottingham band’s career.

Scatty percussion accompanies a rough, depressing sound and turbulent vocals. Bloc Party’s weirdness and The Automatic’s pop-rock is emulated in parts, forming interesting and creative sounds. Should Have Used An Abacus is an energetically pumping song with an angrily alternative feel.

Shouts tear above the music in repetitive and irritating fashion throughout, creating a noise not dissimilar to the one you’d find at a football match.

With a sound like this, a live recording does not help to smooth over the edges. It merely highlights all the deficiencies and makes it sound worse. With the right production in a studio, the band would have a good footprint to make this set of songs far more enjoyable to listen to.

Nephu Huzzband sound like a riot. With some of their interesting beats and twanging guitars the band could sound good, but they don’t. Without variation to the system of rough music and shouting they don‘t impress and the energy of a live set goes unnoticed.

Download Picks: Should Have Used An Abacus, Nurse! Nurse!

Track Listing:

  1. Lions, Tigers and Bears
  2. Should Have Used an Abacus
  3. Either This Wallpaper Goes Or I Do
  4. …And We Become Picasso Pieces
  5. Clockwork
  6. Nurse! Nurse!
  7. Papers