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New Flesh - Universally Dirty

New Flesh, Universally Dirty

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

BLACK British music pioneers New Flesh return with Universally Dirty on the hip Big Dada label.

The album has been produced by Part 2 and seeks to provide a fresh blend of hip hop, dancehall, soca, grime and Britfunk that collectively “sums up where Black British music should be”.

Sadly, the result is an extremely uneven and not entirely satisfying effort depending on which of the genres you like to listen to best.

At its best, the LP succeeds in dropping quality tracks like Wherever We Go, the lead singer, that displays a keen ear for some radio-friendly elements courtesy of some nice acoustic guitar, a heavy B-line and some sweeping strings throughout the epic chorus.

Vocally, the track is reminiscent of both Akala and Roots Manuva, while there’s plenty going on instrumentally to lend the track a much-needed crossover appeal.

But such efforts are offset by some of the more straightforward genre pieces. Opening track Backyard is a curiously flat mix of dancehall and grime that quickly outstays its welcome.

While Arm’s House is a relentless lyrical assault that merely succeeds in putting forward an ugly beat and angry vocal trade-offs.

The album picks up a little towards the end with tracks like Trouble, featuring the only collaborator, LSK, on a reggaefied dub epic, while Give Up The Fight is a nice reminder of the original roots of the New Flesh sound that includes a nice man-woman vocal trade-off.

But it’s a case of too little, too late and the overall impression is one of disappointment.

Track listing:

  1. Backyard
  2. Wherever We Go
  3. Howz Dat
  4. Who’s The Daddy
  5. Chocolate Bubbles
  6. Arms House
  7. Don’t Look Now
  8. Money Movers
  9. Black Marble
  10. Trouble – New Flesh & LSK
  11. Give Up The Fight
  12. Come Again

  1. Ha ha. Backyard is Dance hall and Grime? Reminiscent of Akala? All respect to the lad but HE is Reminiscent of New Flesh. In Typically British fashion someone who obviously knows little about a scen or artist has had little time to listen or research but still manages to yap his gums.
    ArmsHouse is supposed to be relentless, thats what it means stupid. Also to my ears there is no woman on give up the fight. Listen again esp to tracks like money movers. One of the best groups out there. Big up all takin it further. Akala, roots, Klash, Sway and New Flesh. Jack dont know Jack.

    Meso horny    Jul 6    #