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New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight

New Found Glory, Not Without A Fight

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

NEW Found Glory have defiantly labelled their sixth studio album Not Without A Fight and the 12 songs that comprise the LP live up to that mantra. They’re angry, feisty and pretty much what fans were hoping for and expecting.

But the band’s decision to stick so rigidly stuck to formula is a weakness that doesn’t actually help the album. Rather, it’s a workmanlike offering that pretty much sounds the same after a couple of listens.

Each track is delivered with conviction, and there are some lively guitar riffs running through it, but what begins as a shot in the arm with album opener Right Where We Left Off, sounds old and repetitive by album closer Don’t Let This Be The End. There are no surprises in between.

Hence, a band that – admittedly – has weathered time and emerged triumphant from its battle of the bands with fellow pop-punk outfits such as Blink 182, still sounds like time has stood still in songwriting terms, while the likes of Green Day have grown up, broadened their sound and become one of the biggest bands in the world right now.

On Not Without A Fight, there are guilty pleasures to be found in radio friendly hits such as Listen To Your Friends and Tangled Up, while the opening guitar riff on I’ll Never Love Again helps to contribute one of the album’s rare genuine highlights.

Reasons, meanwhile, hints at a little more maturity and a little more subtlety rather than just crashing about the place, but it’s the closest the band come to delivering a slower, more thoughtful record.

As fun in small blasts as this kind of music is, you can get too much of a good thing and Not Without A Fight capably proves that. Time to grow up, boys!

Download picks: Right Where We Left Off, Listen To Your Friends, I’ll Never Love Again

Track listing:

  1. Right Where We Left Off
  2. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
  3. Listen To Your Friends
  4. 47
  5. Truck Stop Blues
  6. Tangled Up
  7. I’ll Never Love Again
  8. Reasons
  9. Such A Mess
  10. Heartless At Best
  11. This Isn’t You
  12. Don’t Let This Be The End