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Nightmares on Wax - In A Space Outta Sound

Nightmares on Wax, In A Space Outta Sound

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

GEORGE Evelyn, the creative maestro behind Nightmares on Wax, continues his personal legacy to bring musical positivity, sunshine and medicinal soul to listeners with In A Space Outta Sound, his fifth studio album.

The album harks back to the trippy beats of Smoker’s Delight, while simultaneously reflecting George’s musical influences from Motown soul, trip-hop and chillout to African percussion and Caribbean reggae.

As such, it’s a curious mix of styles – some keenly observed and as intoxicating as ever, others not quite so satisfying.

The album begins on familiar territory with another serene moment of beautifully observed mellow madness in the form of Passion, before then dropping a spine-tingling beat and some recurring Caribbean reggae rhythms on the alluring The Sweetest.

The Caribbean vibe is carried on with Flip Ya Lid, a lazy, dub-tastic amble through sun-soaked laziness complete with a simple calypso-style guitar riff, some nice whistling and equally pleasing vocals.

The beats get a little more urgent with Pudpots, which harks back to the Quincy Jones era thanks to some smart horn flourishes and jazzy breakbeats, which lend it a supremely hip kind of shuffle.

Damn is notable for blending its deliciously trippy beats and organs around a Persian snake charmer’s harpsichord to scintillating effect.

While You Wish contains a genuinely feel-good vibe thanks to its funky beats and catchy ‘60s guitar riff.

Evidence of the cross-cultural nature of the album is capably reflected on Deepdown, another funky collection of bongo beats, jazz samples and Latino vocals.

So far, so impressive. But as previously mentioned, there are moments when the album mis-steps.

Me! promises a far better dose of chillout than it ultimately delivers, petering out halfway into its five minute running length, while I Am You over-indulges Moses’ soulful vocals to the extent that it quickly becomes tiresome (Moses is, of course, more commonly known for his work with Zero 7).

It’s a classy tune but it somehow lacks the passion its lyrics suggest that it should.

Far, far better is the delightfully upbeat Soul Purpose which mixes some sassy, soulful female vocals with simple but hypnotic beats and pleasing melodies.

It would have been a good way to bring things to a close. Instead, African Pirates, with its repetitive African percussion, concludes things on a far livelier vibe than you might have been expecting.

On the whole, In A Space Outta Sound marks another terrific musical journey for lovers of trippy beats and chillout in general – it’s just that the road isn’t quite so smooth as past experiences.

Track listing:

  1. Passion
  2. Sweetest
  3. Flip Ya Lid
  4. Pudpots
  5. Damm
  6. You Wish
  7. Deep Down
  8. Chime Out
  9. Me
  10. Look At Me
  11. Soul Purpose
  12. African Pirates