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Nizlopi - An introduction


Story by Jack Foley

THEY’VE hit the No.1 spot with their quirky single, JCB Song against the odds (beating the likes of Westlife and Crazy Frog), but just who are Nizlopi?

The simple answer is two 27-year-olds named Luke Concannon and John Parker, from Leamington Spa.

Their passion for making music began after they first met on a school bus at the age of 13.

In a bid to take on the world of manufactured pre-packaged artists, Luke and John try and take on just about every genre you can imagine.

And they have won many friends. Grammy Award-winning LA producer, Bob Marlette, says of them: “The UK’s most talented and exciting live acoustic duo – these boys have something very, very special.”

Their debut album, Half These Songs Are About You has spent an unprecedented 10 weeks at No.1 in the National Unsigned Network Chart and has been featured on both Radio One and Two.

Whether in a small and intimate club or a huge auditorium, Nizlopi believe in ‘eliminating the gap between performer and listener’. Expect them to unplug and get out there face to face with their audience as the success of JCB Song grows.