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Oasis fans - including Alessandro del Piero - share memories


Story by Jack Foley

BIG Brother Recordings recently asked Oasis fans to send in their stories about what Oasis and their music mean to them.

They subsequently heard from thousands of fans all around the world.

The label took a small selection of these fans and filmed their stories. Each intimate portrait concentrates on how specific Oasis songs have affected their lives and are cut together with footage that fans sent them telling their story.

In amongst these short films are Italian football idol Alessandro del Piero, whose 2006 World Cup victory played out to the soundtrack of Don’t Believe The Truth.

The video also visits Stefy ‘Supersonic’ Bull, an amateur boxer who was inspired to turn pro after hearing Supersonic; a family who came together thanks to hearing Don’t Look Back In Anger in a Hong Kong bar; an Italian sculptor and well known Liam look-a-like, and a prisoner who was inspired to do the right thing after hearing Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

Each story entertains in its own way and will no doubt strike a chord with all the millions of fans who supported the band through their 18-year career.

Oasis: What’s Your Story?, an amalgamation of these short films, got its UK TV premiere on the 4Play slot on Saturday, June 12, 2010 on Channel 4 at 11:40pm (BST), showing before the acclaimed Oasis tour film, Lord Don’t Slow Me Down.

Sunday, June 13 marks the UK TV premiere of the full Alessandro del Piero short film on BBC2. It will air at 10:15pm (BST) on Match Of The Day Fifa World Cup Highlights.

It will then be available to view on the BBC Sports Website afterwards.

The full versions of the remaining stories will air online next week at the Oasis YouTube page.

Time Flies… 1994-2009 – The Complete Singles Collection is released on Monday, June 14, 2010 on Big Brother Recordings.