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Oceansize - Frames

Oceansize, Frames

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

OCEANSIZE have carved a unique place for themselves in the UK music scene.

Previous albums Effloresce and Everyone Into Position have won widespread critical acclaim and helped them to establish a reputation for doing things differently to the mainstream.

Their sound is progressive but tries not to forget the importance of good songs.

Frames, their latest release, is an album that aims to take Oceansize to the next level. It’s comprised of eight tracks weighing in at a hefty 67 minutes.

At its best, it weaves layers of instrumentation and vocals to create a unique sound and feel, whether it’s the hypnotic weave of opening track and album highlight Commemorative _ T-Shirt or the epic sweep of final offering The Frame, which seems to borrow from Mogwai for inspiration.

Occasionally, though, the lengthy format of the songs leaves you pining for something a little more immediate, while the overly sophisticated nature of each and every song gives rise to the suspicion of pretentiousness.

Having been entranced by Commemorative T-Shirt, tracks like Unfamiliar and Trail Of Fire never really get going. And for all of the ethereal beauty of An Old Friend Of The Christies (which could easily find its way onto a Michael Mann soundtrack), efforts to break with the format and drop in a skewed rock track like Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions really sound out of place.

Indeed, that track seems to aspire to a stadium-filling rock act, and a heavy one at that, and while it may wake you from the tranquility brought about by earlier album material, it’s a rude awakening at that.

The overall result is an album that’s been meticulously constructed and which veers deliberately as far from the mainstream as you can get, but which eventually buckles under the weight of its own lofty ambition.

Download picks: Commemorative T-shirt, An Old Friend Of The Christies, The Frame

Track listing:

  1. Commemorative T-Shirt
  2. Unfamiliar
  3. Trail Of Fire
  4. Savant
  5. Only Twin
  6. An Old Friend Of The Christies
  7. Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions
  8. Frame
  9. Voorhees

  1. BULLSHIT.....5 out of 5

    richard    Oct 1    #
  2. Total bullshit….1000 out of a 1000

    Timothy    Oct 1    #
  3. COMPLETE BULLSHIT...what the hell does indie London know about about good music anyway? NOTHING

    Spike    Oct 2    #
  4. Quality album from the UK’s most talented band (FACT!)Although they will never better the track Amputee IMO The greatest Rock Track since FNM’s Epic

    Adam    Oct 2    #
  5. This guy is clueless, most imaginitive and best bands around. Get a different job.

    Chris    Oct 3    #
  6. No surprise that an indie reviewer gets seriously intimidated by the musical and songwriting ability of a band like Oceansize. The enormous gulf in class between them and the vast majority of these trashy, loose, almost comedic indie bands out there makes the Grand Canyon look like Keira Knightley’s cleavage. Why does this site bother reviewing music that is clearly beyond its comprehension? We’ll just keep the ‘size for ourselves…

    GP    Oct 4    #
  7. This is an amazing album from start to finish. The reviewer would realise this if he/ she took the effort to listen to it more than once or twice for the review. Just because some of the more sublime moments aren’t immeadiately don’t doubt they’re not there.

    Mahavira    Oct 5    #
  8. Trail of Fire and Unfamiliar never get going?? What album are you listening to. Rubbish review by a soft indie clown.10/10

    black    Oct 9    #
  9. “Having been entranced by Commemorative T-Shirt, tracks like Unfamiliar and Trail Of Fire never really get going” – WTF? That said, it’s the weakest of three albums I think. And it is overly ambitious. Bear in mind also that all the comments here are from Oceansize diehard enthusiasts – it’s important to see what someone like this guy thinks as that gives us a good gauge of how far off mainstream domination the mighty Oceansize are. I don’t think this poor guy deserves the snide remarks

    Wasp    Oct 10    #
  10. dear oh dear…cant believe im even replying to such a load of plop…...behave you silly billy…oceansize are just astonishingly splendid!!!! and frames is a work of art.

    j    Oct 11    #
  11. blimey, you lot are doing oceansize no favours at all. a well written and fair OPINION. Give the guy a break…

    bruce    Oct 27    #