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Offshore – Bake Haus (Review)

Offshore, Bake Haus

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

EWAN Roberston, aka Offshore, has previously been labelled a member of the post-dubstep movement.

He’d argue, though, that while his music does share some of those traits in common, it also manages to combine big, vicious, system-shaking tracks with something more human. That’s only partly true. He’s also more electronic.

And while his album is a cut above a lot of post-dubstep and electronic releases, its best moments often place its lesser ones in the shade.

At its finest, Bake Haus puts forward offerings such as Fraser, which successfully combines slick beats with a winning combo of dusky synths and bouncing piano chords, as well as a vaguely psychedelic (and occasionally warped) guitar riff. It’s a heady concoction but a likeable one despite a wayward ending.

Downer, too, opens with a flurry of flute-like electronics before dropping in some cracking beats and some edgy synth sounds to create another winning mix. It’s far from being downbeat, either.

Black Bun, with its woozy synths and cinematic overtures, is also worth checking out, as is the playful Bake Haus and the propulsive Back Wynd.

But perhaps the pick of the lot is the hip-hop leaning Slip, which drops one of the most compelling beats on the entire LP and weaves in some slick, cool electronics. You don’t even mind the ‘80s vibe that drifts in and out.

Such moments do come at cost for the rest of the album, however. They serve to highlight some of the more soulless elements contained within, such as the more dubstep heavy Life’s Too or the sinister, bleep-heavy Venom.

Well Patient, meanwhile, sounds like it has come off an old Atari games console and grates (thankfully only lasting a minute or so).

But let’s accentuate the positives, for now, and suggest that Offshore’s album is worthy of a listen if you like this particular scene.

Download picks: Fraser, Downer, Downer 2, Slip

Track listing:

  1. Breeze
  2. Fraser
  3. Life’s Too
  4. Venom
  5. Name Brand
  6. Downer
  7. Well Patient
  8. Black Bun
  9. Bake Haus
  10. Back Wynd
  11. Gutter
  12. Slip
  13. Long Now

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