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OK Go – Of The Blue Colour of The Sky (Deluxe Edition)

Ok Go, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

OK Go can lay claim to being the most downloaded band ever… and they now look to capitalise on that profile still further by releasing a deluxe version of their latest album, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky.

Released via the band’s own label, Paracadute, the album comes loaded with extras, including the song Shooting The Moon, which was featured on the Twilight movie soundtrack for New Moon.

The special bonus disc features an interview with Ira Glass (the noted and admired US broadcaster), nine never before heard demo’s, their very popular cover of Pixies Gigantic and two new tracks – Passion Pit’s remix of previous single This Too Shall Pass, which jumped into the Top 20 of the remix chart earlier this year after NME leaked it, and Louisiana Land.

The latter song was inspired by the time the band spent in New Orleans, recording You’re Not Alone with Bonerama, an EP that raised more than half of the money needed to build soul legend Al “Carnival Time” Johnson’s new home in New Orleans after the levy failures that followed Hurricane Katrina.

The bonus disc also features the audio version of the hugely successful original video for This Too Shall Pass, a live recording of the same song that featured 130 members of the Notre Dame marching band. That clip marked the first time that a song’s video and recording session were one and the same, and in only a couple of weeks its online views soared past two million.

All in all, then, a great package for fans and newcomers alike, which goes some way to explaining why they’re such an Internet phenomenon.

Of the songs on the original LP itself, the first half definitely better the second… but are still massively enjoyable throughout. Hence, immediate highlights include the opening, scuzz-tastic WTF?, which drops a deliciously woozy guitar riff and some trippy lyrics befitting the sentiment surrounding the title.

This Too Shall Pass is also a blinding track, a euphoric head rush of horns, electronics, falsetto vocals and chiming piano chords that really invigorate. The chorus is great too.

All Is Not Lost is great too, working off another tremendous guitar riff and a fantastic chorus, while Needing/Getting has a great fuzz-box element… White Knuckles, meanwhile, is just pure fun.

On that bonus disc, meanwhile, moments to savour include Shooting The Moon, rightly a favourite among Twi-hards, the acoustic-backed Louisiana Land, which is immense fun, a Marching Band version of This Too Shall Pass, which strips things back to marching band drums and glockenspiel beats, and their Pixies cover of Gigantic, which is terrifically slow burning and moody, capturing the spirit of both bands simultaneously.

We could go on, of course, but we reckon that we’ve said enough to suggest that this deluxe edition comes highly recommended.

Download picks: WTF?, Needing/Getting, This Too Shall Pass (original), This Too Shall Pass (Marching Band Version), All Is Not Lost, White Knuckles, Shooting The Moon, Louisiana Land

Track listing:
Disc 1

  1. WTF?
  2. This Too Shall Pass
  3. All Is Not Lost
  4. Needing/Getting
  5. Skyscrapers
  6. White Knuckles
  7. I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe
  8. End Love
  9. Before The Earth Was Round
  10. Last Leaf
  11. Back From Kathmandu
  12. While You Were Asleep
  13. In The Glass

Disc 2

  1. Skyscrapers [Bristol version]
  2. Shooting The Moon
  3. Louisiana Land
  4. This Too Shall Pass [marching band version]
  5. Gigantic
  6. This Will Be Our Year
  7. This Too Shall Pass [Passion Pit Sunday hangover mix]
  8. Skyscrapers [demo]
  9. I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe (If You’re Down) [demo]
  10. Needing/Getting (More Than You Could Know) [demo]
  11. Back From Kathmandu [demo]
  12. Shooting The Moon (Over the Moon) [demo]
  13. Before The Earth Was Round [demo]
  14. All Is Not Lost (You Will Lose) [demo]
  15. While You Were Asleep (Break The Sand) [demo]
  16. Last Leaf [demo]
  17. Sound Of The New Record, The [Ira Glass In Conversation With OK Go And Dave Fridmann]
  18. Chatting With Dave [Ira Glass In Conversation With OK Go And Dave Fridmann]
  19. Dave Defends Distortion [Ira Glass In Conversation With OK Go And Dave Fridmann]
  20. Recording Last Leaf [Ira Glass In Conversation With OK Go And Dave Fridmann]
  21. Playing Live [Ira Glass In Conversation With OK Go And Dave Fridmann]
  22. Lyrics [Ira Glass In Conversation With OK Go And Dave Fridmann]