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Oksana Grigorieva - Beautiful Heartache

Oksana Grigorieva, Beautiful Heartache

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

OKSANA Grigorieva’s debut album, Beautiful Heartache, is the sort of LP that reflects her rich background.

A classically trained pianist, songwriter and lover of film, the album has something of each of those elements… as well as a radio friendly sensibility that makes for pleasant listening.

Grigorieva has recently attracted headlines for becoming the new love of Mel Gibson’s life (the couple are expecting their first child together) but over the course of a diverse career, she has taught piano, music composition and theory and voice to children, written a hit song for Josh Groban, modelled and mastered the classics, from Chopin to Rachmaninoff.

A Russian-born child of two music teachers, she has also allowed her experiences and heritage to filter into her songwriting, as well as the various experiences she has enjoyed during her time in England and America.

Mel Gibson even contributes lyrically (but not vocally!) on a couple of tracks… the most notable being former single Say My Name, which will appear on the soundtrack of his acting comeback, Edge of Darkness.

With all this in mind, Beautiful Heartache is a rich listen that rewards those who pay attention. Musically, the piano arrangements that accompany most songs veer between the visually cinematic and the classical.

But they all tell stories, whether inspired by love, loss or growing up in Russia.

Highlights include the tender, intimate Say My Name, the break-up anthem When It’s Over, which marks the LP at its most poppy, and the sweeping piano score of Evening With Daddy, which provides a genuinely mesmerising showcase of Oksana’s piano skills, as well as her ability to tell a story.

Worth noting, too, is the rich Back From Russia, which exemplifies the complete package that Oksana has to offer in exemplary fashion.

Yet throughout, she displays a keen ear for melody, for honest emotional simplicity and classic values. She’s well worth taking the time to check out…

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Download picks: Say My Name, Back From Russia, Evening With Daddy, When It’s Over, Beautiful Heartache

Track listing:

  1. Say My Name
  2. Flying Upside Down
  3. When It’s Over
  4. Evening With Daddy
  5. Angel
  6. Beautiful Heartache
  7. Back From Russia
  8. What Kind of Love Is This?
  9. Ain’t Right
  10. Love Goes On
  11. Dark Eyes