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Panic! At The Disco line up for Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

Panic! At The Disco

Story by Jack Foley

PANIC! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and Marilyn Manson have all been lined up to appear on a new version of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

A 3-D version of the 1993 film is being re-released in cinemas later this year and will feature Panic! At The Disco doing an orchestrated version of This Is Halloween.

Fall Out Boy, who also appeared on the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack, will be doing a version of What Is This?, while Marilyn Manson will also revisit This Is Halloween.

Danny Elfman composed the original score – one of several he has put together for Tim Burton’s films.

The tracks will appear on a special edition, two-disc version of the soundtrack which features well-known bands doing cover versions of songs that were featured in the original film.

Commenting on their involvement, Brendan Urie of Panic! At The Disco, told MTV: “Everyone in Panic! loves Danny Elfman, so it’s a bonus to be included alongside him.

“I spoke to Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy about it and he said they were on it, so we wanted to get on there too.

“So many bands that we’re friendly with and bands we tour with are a part of it and such huge fans of the movie. We all watched it as kids and we all watch it now, so it’s really cool to be a part of it.”