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Passion Pit - Manners

Passion Pit, Manners

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

WHENEVER you get a band such as MGMT to shake up the electro-pop genre, others are certain to follow.

Hence, Passion Pit contain many similarities to that Brooklyn-based outfit, not least in the way the Boston act specialises in euphoric electronic pop and a keen sense of melody. Fortunately, they’re every bit as good too.

Incredibly, Passion Pit only came about when laptop supremo Michael Angelakos made an EP for his girlfriend and – after a series of whirlwind events – landed a record contract.

An EP, named Chunk of Change, helped to grab the attention commercially, before recent single The Reeling heightened the suspicion that here was an act that had something special going for it.

Now that the debut album, Manners, has landed, Angelakos and company have lived up to pre-release expectation. It’s euphoric, celebratory and a real blast of a listen.

Songs reach out and grab you from the start. Make Light unfolds amid fizzing synth loops and energetic beats, while Little Secrets drops a truly funky series of loops and breaks, whilst properly unleashing Angelakos’s piercing falsetto [there are times when it sounds like a children’s choir has assumed vocal responsibility!].

Moth’s Wings flutters gracefully amid a bed of acoustic riffs and more euphoric, Sigur Ros sounding electronic waves, The Reeling is a synth-laden, falsetto-heavy dancefloor filler that you won’t mind shuffling along to, and Eyes As Candles comes over all cheesily romantic… but endearingly so.

The best stuff is still to come, however. Swimming In The Flood slows down the tempo to mid-pace, drops a sexy back-beat and keeps the falsettos a little more in check to brilliant effect, while To Kingdom Come charms the socks off you with its woozy, wonky synth loops and soulful vocals.

Sleepyhead offers a real throwback to the style of The Avalanches and there’s a kooky, sunshine sensibility that makes Let Your Love Grow Tall another firm favourite, complete with “woohoo, woohoo” headrush melodies.

Indeed, there’s not much to dislike about this album. Passion Pit are a feel-good act who have delivered a really, really good time.

Download picks: Little Secrets, Moth’s Wings, Swimming In The Flood, Sleepyhead, Let Your Love Grow Tall

Track listing:

  1. Make Light
  2. Little Secrets
  3. Moth’s Wings
  4. Reeling, The
  5. Eyes As Candles
  6. Swimming In The Flood
  7. Folds In Your Hands
  8. To Kingdom Come
  9. Sleepyhead
  10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
  11. Seaweed Song