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Paul Oakenfold returns with A Lively Mind

Paul Oakenfold

Story by Jack Foley

DJ Paul Oakenfold returns with a new album and single in April that marks a totally new and fresh perspective, musically speaking, for the artist.

The release of A Lively Mind, the album, marks the beginning of an amazing 2006 for Oakenfold that will find him working on the scores of at least three new films, as well as remixing a number of singles including Madonna’s new record, Confessions of a Dance Floor and a track from the legendary Burning Spear.

At the same time, the Perfecto label is releasing debut albums by the aforementioned Spitfire (who Oakenfold compares to a young Anthony Kiedis) and the London-by-way-of-Los Angeles Bad Apples. Then there’s the US and European tour that will follow the new album’s release.

The title of A Lively Mind means ‘an active person’, according to its creator. Balance was the key on this one, and Oakenfold believes that this album may strike with a larger audience than Bunkka, his last long-player.

The first single from the album, Faster Kill Pussycat, started life as a rock tune and was co written by Kelli Ali of Sneaker Pimps –but now might best be described as reminiscent of a young Madonna at her very best.

It features the astounding singing talents of… Brittany Murphy. Yes, that Brittany Murphy! Eminem’s girlfriend in 8 Mile. The femme fatale in Sin City.

The actress-turned-diva was recommended to Oakenfold by a mutual friend.

“I was looking for a different genre and a different feel and something just original for me,” explains Oakenfold. “I knew I wanted a girl vocalist but also someone who’s not known as a singer.

“It had to be someone from a completely different world than mine. It ultimately seemed that film was the right place to look because I was venturing more and more into that world. But even more importantly, I needed someone who could sing – who could really, really sing – and Brittany Murphy fit the bill.”

Faster Kill Pussycat is released on April 17 – a week ahead of A Lively Mind on April 24.

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