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Pendulum announce digital compilation album


Story by Jack Foley

AFTER concluding a glorious year with a sold-out nationwide arena tour, Pendulum blast into 2011 with the January 17 release of their new single Crush and news of a digital compilation album.

Taken from their No.1 album Immersion, Crush explodes with a rush of visceral pounding beats, a grinding metallic riff and a soaring hook provided by Rob Swire’s atmospheric vocals.

January 17 will also see the release of a special Pendulum digital compilation album, entitled Immersion – iTunes LP, that will be released exclusively through iTunes.

The album documents the Immersion journey to date and compiles a huge range of music and video content.

In addition, to the original album, the iTunes LP adds the full nine-minute epic version of The Island, six further remixes of The Island, including contributions from Tiesto and the Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello, Watercolour mixes from deadmau5 and Emalkay and four mixes of Witchcraft, which include Rob Swire’s drum-step mix.

Two of The Island remixes on Immersion – iTunes LP were winning tracks from the band’s recent competition, held in conjunction with Juno Download and Soundcloud, to remix the single.

The winners, personally selected by Rob Swire, are Huddersfield’s dubstep duo Statelapse and teenage producer Madeon from Nantes, France.

The Immersion – iTunes LP also features a wealth of video content ranging from The Making of Immersion documentary to footage of the band’s recent Wembley Arena show.

It also offers a rare look at the process behind the creation of an album cover with Making The Immersion Artwork, promo videos for the singles Watercolour, Witchcraft and The Island, the making of the Witchcraft video and also the creative graphics behind Pendulum’s famously visual life experience.

Immersion – iTunes LP’ tracklisting:

Music content

  1. Genesis
  2. Salt In The Wounds
  3. Watercolour
  4. Set Me On Fire
  5. Crush
  6. Under The Waves
  7. Immunize (featuring Liam Howlett)
  8. The Island – Pt. I (Dawn)
  9. The Island – Pt. II (Dusk)
  10. Comprachicos
  11. The Vulture
  12. Witchcraft
  13. Self Vs. Self (featuring In Flames)
  14. The Fountain (featuring Steven Wilson)
  15. Encoder
  16. Watercolour (deadmau5 remix)
  17. Watercolour (Emalkay remix)
  18. Witchcraft (Rob Swire’s drum-step mix)
  19. Witchcraft (John B remix)
  20. Witchcraft (Chuckie remix)
  21. Witchcraft (Netsky remix)
  22. The Island
  23. The Island (Tiesto remix)
  24. The Island (Cicada remix)
  25. The Island (Steve Angello, AN21, Max Vangeli remix)
  26. The Island (Lenzman remix)
  27. The Island (Madeon remix)
  28. The Island (Statelapse remix)

Video content

  1. Watercolour (music video)
  2. Witchcraft (music video)
  3. The Island (music video)
  4. The Making of Immersion
  5. Making The Immersion Artwork
  6. Witchcraft: Making of the Music Video
  7. Pendulum: Live at Wembley
  8. Pendulum Live: Tour Graphics