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Pet - Rewind The Sofa Lady

Pet, Rewind The Sofa Lady

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

PET is the brainchild of Berlin-based Andre Abshagen who specialises in cool, retro-electro pop with slacker-style guitars, laidback vocals and funky disco-flavoured beats.

New album Rewind The Sofa Lady finds Andre and co in their prime, dropping track after track of upbeat, feel-good explosions of joy.

Their influences reach far and wide – from Beach Boy-style harmonies, to Dandy Warhols-inspired psychedelia, to Lenny Kravitz style rock ‘n’ roll to New Order backed synths.

Yet they have a sound that is distinctly their own and which continues to get better the more you spin it.

Highlights include the title track Rewind The Sofa Lady, which kicks off with some Kravitz-style guitar riffs (think American Woman), before veering into trippy Pink Floyd territory, complete with dazzling guitar solos. It’s an epic offering but catchy enough to have your feet tapping along.

Such moments come in stark contrast to the more electronically-driven, disco-savvy Dynamite, which explodes into life from the word go with its sharp beats, cut-up vocals and bouncing style.

Opening track Cloud Nine kicks things into motion with another fine blend of vibrant guitar riffs, pounding drums and an insanely catchy chorus.

That Kinder Feeling has an utterly Dandy Warhols vibe, especially in its breezy use of guitars, which help it to shuffle along in confident style.

And Slow Machine changes tempo with some supremely chilled guitar riffs and a lazy beat that’s perfect for getting over a hangover with.

Even final track Wurlitzer Jukebox brings things to a supremely satisfying close thanks to its fine set of female vocals and catchy hooks that tease and tempt you before exploding into life around the three-minute mark.

Pet may be an emerging force but their confident blend of hypnotic beats and breezy, feel-good guitars combine to create an album that could easily become one of the best kept secrets of the year. So go ahead and surprise yourself.

Track listing:

  1. Cloud Nine
  2. Whip My Blue Chip
  3. Out Of The Blue
  4. That Kinder Feeling
  5. Slow Machine
  6. Diving For Pearls
  7. Why
  8. Rewind The Sofa Lady
  9. Dynamite
  10. All The Same
  11. Wurlitzer Jukebox