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Pet Shop Boys to play Battleship Potemkin soundtrack at Barbican

Pet Shop Boys

Story by Jack Foley

NEIL Tennant and Chris Lowe – aka the Pet Shop Boys – will be joined by the BBC Concert Orchestra to perform the live soundtrack to the Eisenstein silent film epic Battleship Potemkin at London’s Barbican on January 11, 2008.

The new suite of Pet Shop Boys compositions created for the film are, in the words of the Daily Telegraph: “An immaculate match for this extraordinary, groundbreaking piece of Bolshevik propaganda.”

The Pet Shop Boys were formed in 1981 when Tennant, assistant editor of Smash Hits magazine, met Lowe in a hi-fi shop.

Their debut single, West End Girls, was released in 1984 and finally charted two years later. Their debut album Please showed their unique combination of witty songwriting with contemporary pop-dance grooves.

Tennant has been said he was a fan of Soviet and Russian films after studying history at college.

“The director, Eisenstein, said that he wanted there to be a new soundtrack to the film every 10 years to keep it fresh,” he told the BBC at the work’s premiere in 2004.

He also said he and musical partner Lowe had been keen to discover “whether we could write an hour and a quarter of continuous music”.

Eisenstein’s 1925 film Battleship Potemkin, about the failed 1905 Russian Revolution, is regarded as a milestone in film history and one of the most technically innovative movies of its time – as well as containing some of cinema’s most famous scenes.

The BBC Concert Orchestra will be conducted by the suite’s arranger, Jonathan Stockhammer. And the concert takes place at the Barbican Hall, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS

Tickets cost Tickets £20/25/30. Call the Box Office on 0845 120 7550.