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Peter Cincotti - East of Angel Town

Peter Cincotti, East of Angel Town

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

PETER Cincotti continues to stake a claim as “the next Harry Conick Jr” with his latest album, East of Angel Town, a slick collection of pop, blues, funk and jazz that highlights the singer’s percussive piano playing and rich vocals.

For his latest outing, the 23-year-old New York native has collaborated with famed producer and multiple Grammy award winner David Foster (of Michael Buble fame) as well as Humberto Gatica and Jochem van der Saag.

The result combines classic sensibilities with a contemporary edge that’s certain to appeal to anyone who gets their musical kicks from the likes of Connick Jnr, Jamie Cullum and, when he turns his attention to pop, the likes of Maroon 5.

Album opener Angel Town is steeped with tinkling piano melodies, soaring vocals (that embrace normal and falsetto styles) and a poppy sensibility that really does give rise to Maroon 5 comparisons. It’s a song that was penned about the seductive nature of Los Angeles that’s delivered with gusto by Cincotti.

The singer switches coastlines for second track Goodbye Philadephia, an epic slow-builder that benefits from a more classic style of delivery and some cinematic leanings. Vocally, Cincotti soars in high falsetto style during the sweeping chorus, reflecting the themes of yearning and loss.

There’s a slick combo of blues and jazz over the piano melodies of Be Careful, while New York is the focal point for the tale of love and loneliness that’s Cinderella Beautiful – another effort that boasts a cinematic feel courtesy of its imagery-laden lyrics.

Just occasionally the album feels repetitive, possibly because of the near-constant reliance on piano-based melodies, but each time you think you have the measure of what Cincotti has to offer, he delivers another showstopper that underlines his class.

These include the wonderfully poignant December Boys, the rousing Broken Children and the shimmering Witch’s Brew that slow-builds into something quite special.

Cincotti is another jazz artist credited with broadening the appeal of the genre and East of Angel Town is another collection of songs that boasts a wide crossover appeal. It’s a beguiling listen that consistently impresses…

Download picks: Angel Town, Goodbye Philadelphia, Witch’s Brew, Broken Children, December Boys

Track listing:

  1. Angel Town
  2. Goodbye Philadelphia
  3. Be Careful
  4. Cinderella Beautiful
  5. Make It Our Alive
  6. December Boys
  7. U B U
  8. Another Falling Star
  9. Broken Children
  10. Man On A Misson
  11. Always Watching You
  12. Witch’s Brew
  13. The Country Life