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Pixie Lott – Turn It Up Louder

Pixie Lott, Turn It Up Louder

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

PIXIE Lott re-issues her debut album Turn It Up in a deluxe version [Turn It Up Louder] that boasts 10 bonus tracks of as hit-and-miss quality as the original album.

Whereas the original 12 tracks favourably mixed styles between pure pop, ’60s soul and heartfelt balladry, there’s less variation on the 10 new additions as Lott polishes up her mainstream credentials.

So, first a reminder: here’s what we liked about the album first time – Cry Me Out , with its cheeky lyrics and keen sense of beat and melody, Band Aid, which comes closer to the ear-catching R’n‘B pop of Beyonce, Turn It Up, for its sassy, knowing style that’s vaguely reminiscent of Lily Allen, complete with another decent pop chorus, and Gravity, which showcased a maturity that’s belies her tender years, and a moodiness that evokes the Sugababes in their prime, complete with sweeping string chorus.

Of the new material, Use Somebody is a pretty good cover version of the Kings of Leon classic track from their Only By The Night LP, which is delivered acoustically and with good use of Lott’s powerful vocals.

But her cover of the David Guetta-Kelly Rowland track When Love Takes Over is pretty tepid and forgettable.

The remaining eight tracks, while originals, are split between ballads and R’n’B leaning tendencies that make you pine for some of the more fun ‘60s soul and pure pop – Without You being an exception.

But Rolling Stone opens with the sort of vocal stretch that Mariah Carey might like to indulge in, before dropping a supposedly funky synth-pop loop and a sassy set of vocals. But it somehow doesn’t really work.

Want You and Broken Arrow, meanwhile, are pretty generic ballad offerings that will probably be lapped up by the mainstream, but which don’t really mark Pixie out from the crowd as anything special. And she’s capable of more.

Her newfound preference for mixing pop with R’n’B elements, meanwhile, is never more evident than on her duet with Jason Derulo, which again falls into the disappointingly generic category, and – likewise – seems set to become a future single.

Catching Snowflakes wears its Christmas single intentions pretty blatantly on its sleeve, while the Daniel Bedingfield penned Can’t Make This Over emerges as another dull ballad that does little to enhance her appeal.

All in all, then, Turn It Up Louder marks something of a backward step creatively for Lott which, ironically, will probably become a huge hit commercially.

But therein lies much of the problem with the pop mainstream.

Download picks: Cry Me Out, Band Aid, Turn It Up, Gravity, Use Somebody,Without You

Track listing:

  1. Mama Do
  2. Cry Me Out
  3. Band Aid
  4. Turn It Up
  5. Boys & Girls
  6. Gravity
  7. My Love
  8. Jack
  9. Nothing Compares
  10. Here We Go Again
  11. The Way The World Works
  12. Hold Me In Your Arms
  13. Use Somebody
  14. When Love Takes Over
  15. Without You
  16. Rolling Stone
  17. Want You
  18. Broken Arrow
  19. Coming Home
  20. Doing Fine (Without You)
  21. Can’t Make This Over
  22. Catching Snowflakes