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Plasticines - About Love

Plasticines, About Love

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

PLASTICINES are a punk-pop trio with some seriously hip credentials.

They’re seen former single Bitch picked up by Gossip Girl, as well as guest starring on the show, and they’ve supported the likes of The Hives, Razorlight and Iggy Pop, as well as hanging out with Dave Grohl.

The vibe surrounding them is, needless to say, pretty hot right now. And it’s justified.

Yes, the pop-punk thing is nothing new… and we’re all used to teenagers of both sexes with attitude.

But Katty Besnard, Marine Neuilly, Louise Basillien and Anais Vandevyvere have style to match… as well as some pretty kick-arse tunes!

Their latest album, About Love, is a punchy collection of snappy singles-in-waiting that command attention.

They’re more tuneful than Gossip, as brash and raw as PJ Harvey (at times) and they know what it takes to stay true to their rock roots while boasting genuine chart appeal.

Tracks like Barcelona and From Friends To Lovers contain punchy hooks, catchy choruses and a keen sense of melody.

But they can slow things down, too, and are capable of delivering the odd surprise, as in album slow burner and highlight I Am Down Tonight, a bluesy, strung-out ode to depression caused by a heartbreak. It’s a pretty darn terrific track that makes you want to hear more of this type of material from them.

Their hip attitude is also reflected in their ability to throw in the odd French spoken track, such as Pas Avec Toi, which somehow adds a level of chic sophistication to the mix, and on final offering Coney Island, which brings the album to a close in splendid fashion.

Admittedly, their adherence to punk-pop may be limiting and could yet pigeon hole them if they don’t diversify a little more on their next album.

But right now, they’re a tight, cute and sassy outfit whose appeal is difficult to deny at this point in time.

Download picks: I Am Down Tonight, Barcelona, From Friends To Lovers, Pas Avec Toi, Coney Island

Track listing:

  1. I Could Rob You
  2. Barcelona
  3. Bitch
  4. Camera
  5. From Friends To Lovers
  6. Time To Leave
  7. I Am Down Tonight
  8. Another Kiss
  9. Pas Avec Toi
  10. Runnaway
  11. You’re No Good
  12. Coney Island