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Pretty Ricky - Late Night Special

Pretty Ricky, Late Night Special

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

PRETTY Ricky emerged as one of the biggest family music acts of 2005 following the success of their debut album, Blue Stars, which boasted the hits Grind With Me, Your Body and Age Aint Nothing But A Number.

The album was a massive seller and helped catapult the boys to the forefront of Miami’s urban music scene, their music combining Eminem-style hip hop and rap with the smooth groove R’n‘B sound of acts like Nelly. Much of their music was designed to be sexy and X-rated, continually referencing sex and love.

Their popularity became such that brothers Pleasure (Marcus Cooper), Slick ‘Em (Corey Mathis), Diamond Blue Smith (Baby Blue) and Spectacular Blue Smith couldn’t even go to their local movie theatre with causing a stir.

Needless to say, expectation surrounding their sophomore album is massive and the result sticks pretty rigidly to formula.

Baby Blue says of Late Night Special: “We didn’t want to be in a position where the label would say, ‘give us four hot records’. We wanted to come up with an album full of singles, from the intro to the outro. We’ll never put fillers on our album.”

How much you agree with that statement depends on your view of the R’n‘B scene. Late Night Special is rooted in the Miami urban scene. It’s slickly produced and mixes grinding, hip hop anthems with sultry and saucy R’n‘B.

Second track On The Hotline is typical of what to expect, an ode to phone sex that reverberates with lines like “let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you on top, let’s talk about me going down”, etc, etc, etc.

The slickness of the production values and the finger-clicking beats evoke memories of Snoop Dogg’s recent ode to strippers, I Wanna Fuck You, albeit with a less coarse style. But it swings in the same circles.

Love Like Honey is another raunchy ode to sex that talks about love being like ice-cream, “creamy and slow”. It’s both soulful and grinding in equal measure – but nothing really special.

Push It Baby is another grinder that sings from Nelly’s callsheet, while the sweet melodies that accompany the start of Leave It All Up To You mask yet another sexually-charged anthem that reference young sex, STDs and making love all night.

In fact, such repetitiveness of themes is a feature that eventually drags the album down. Almost every song follows the same format with lyrics that veer between risque and offensive. Occasionally, there’s a better than average offering, such as the soulful So Confused, which nicely offsets Pretty Ricky’s harder vocals with the smooth, sultry vocals of Butta Creame.

And Peer Pressure feels a little lighter and poppier, suggesting an easy transition to the mainstream with fewer expletives needing deletion. But such respites are short-lived and there’s too much of the same thing to really recommend it.

For all its endeavour, Late Night Special offers nothing above the average. It’s a disappointing turn-off rather than anything to arouse your musical interest.

Track listing:

  1. Late Night Special
  2. On The Hotline
  3. Love Like Honey
  4. Push It Baby
  5. Leave It All Up To You
  6. Stay
  7. So Confused – Pretty Ricky & Butta Creme
  8. Personal Trainer
  9. Up And Down
  10. Peer Pressure
  11. Make It Like It Was

  1. This article is very interresting.

    Sheree    Jan 25    #
  2. Pretty Ricky has really stepped they game up from the last album. One of the best songs on the album is Love Like Honey. I listen to it constantly. 2nd best is So Confused featuring Butta cream. They should have added more songs like Pause, Lingere, and Feel the Rush. This album is worth every penny and every fan should get one and support PR and make them go platinum this time.

    Noreen    Jan 29    #
  3. This cd is hot.. When u wit a girl put this on..and if y'all don’t have sex… something is defintely wrong.

    L.ß.    Jan 31    #
  4. Pretty Ricky has really stepped it up from last time. I like this album but I think they are goin to go far. Fairer then b2k, one of my favorite songs is Push It Baby but I think they should have put So Fresh So Clean on the album. Overall I love them and the album.

    natalieea    Feb 2    #