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Psapp - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted

Psapp, Only Thing I Ever Wanted

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

ANYONE taken in by the enchanting theme tune to US TV hit Grey’s Anatomy might want to rush out and buy the new album from Psapp, the talented duo behind that record.

Psapp are Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann and their music is inspired by “anything that’s silly and uses stupid noises”. Hence, many of the tracks are constructed around some truly idiosyncratic sounds which give it a dream-like, occasionally ethereal edge that’s more about fun than pretension.

When put together with Galia’s sultry vocals the result is quite intoxicating – especially on tracks like the overlooked single, Tricycle and the earthy Eating Spiders, which undoubtedly rate among the most eye-opening of the year so far.

Such is Psapp’s growing appeal, they have provided music for several US programmes aside from Grey’s, as well as a very high profile Volkswagen advert. They are among a new wave of bands whose success seems to span from their increased profile on small screen programmes – and deservedly so.

Just occasionally, their unique sound and distinct vocals draw favourable comparisons with the style of Imogen Heap (another beneficiary of TV exposure on shows such as The OC). But for the most part, the joy of listening to The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is the innovative nature of its music.

From the opening moments of Hi you pretty much know to expect the unexpected. With its quirky beats and attractive melodies, the track immediately sucks you in.

Its successor, King Of You, is another meticulously crafted pleaser that playfully intercuts familiar guitar riffs with some innovative percussion – so much so that you’ll be thirsting for more.

Of the 11 tracks, all register in some way – whether they be slow and borderline melacholy, or catchy and upbeat.

Of the highlights, the recent single, Tricycle is a real blast of fresh air – a chiming, almost child-like effort that contains a musical simplicity that’s utterly enchanting. It’s beats are so simple, it’s vocals dreamily smooth, while the gentle guitar riffs that float in and out are perfectly realised. Quirkiness has never felt so endearing.

Later on, there’s the equally sublime Eating Spiders which tosses in some surprisingly aggressive beats and guitar riffs (by Psapp’s standards) to really get the feet tapping. It’s the sort of track that’s difficult to turn off once you’ve heard it.

With just these two tracks alone, the album is worth forking out for – but there’s so much more to satisfy that it’d be a shame to let the sound of Psapp to pass you by.

It’s destined to become one of the classic long-players of the year.

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Track listing:
1. Hi
2. King Of You
3. This Way
4. Needle & Thread
5. New Rubbers
6. Tricycle
7. Hill Of Our Home
8. The Words
9. Make Up
10. Eating Spiders
11. Upstairs