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Red Light Company - Fine Fascination

Red Light Company, Fine Fascination

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WE like Red Light Company. Thanks to hits such as Meccano and Scheme Eugene, they’ve already won our hearts, if not our minds quite yet, thanks to their effortless ability to deliver catchy, crowd-pleasing songs.

Fine Fascination, their debut LP, further endears them to us. It’s snappy, packed with great songs and unshamedly radio friendly throughout. But sometimes that’s no bad thing.

There are traces of Brit-pop Blur in their infectious melodies, as well as the euphoric nature of MGMT and even a little despondency, a la Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in their lyrics.

Songs reference the usual mix of sex, drugs, suicide and dating difficulties (in this case, the ‘hardship’ of dating a model!), but they don’t bring you down.

Rather, in tracks like Scheme Eugene, with its headrush chorus and chiming percussion, they inspire and leave you singing aloud at the top of your voice.

And the singles are by no means the best of what the album has to offer. Words of Spectacular gets things off to a spectacularly emphatic start, underlining the band’s credentials as purveyors of guilty pleasure indie-pop. There’s angst, there’s great guitar riffage, and there’s a heady chorus.

Forthcoming single Arts & Crafts cleverly contrasts all that excess by dwelling on melancholy piano chords early on, and keeping the vocals a little more restrained. It works in showcasing a mature side to the songwriting that can certainly be developed, even if the song does open up into another cracking crescendo of sound.

Elsewhere, check out the breezy With Lights Out, or the scintillating New Jersey Television. It’s a song that immediately gets in your head and refuses to budge… in a good way.

When Everyone Is Everybody Else, meanwhile, slow builds majestically into the type of stadium-sized crowd-pleaser that even Coldplay would have been proud to call their own as they were starting out.

Red Light Company – who hail from America, Britain and Australia – have arrived… and a Fine Fascination is a damn fine album. You’ll want to make it a part of your life for 2009.

Download picks: Scheme Eugene, Meccano, When Everyone Is Everybody Else, Arts & Crafts, New Jersey Television

Track listing:

  1. Words of Spectacular
  2. Scheme Eugene
  3. Arts & Crafts
  4. First We Land
  5. With Lights Out
  6. New Jersey Television
  7. The Architect
  8. Meccano
  9. When Everyone Is Everybody Else
  10. The Alamo