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Rigbi - Visionary (EP Review)

Rigbi, Visionary EP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE PR for New Jersey’s Rigbi proudly declares that their Visionary EP comes recommended if you like bands such as Death Cab For Cutie and Fleet Foxes. Having heard the seven tracks contained within, we’d have to agree.

Their songs are intricately layered musings on life around their home city that flit engagingly between straight-forward indie pop and more shoe-gaze dream pop a la Cutie.

After a very brief intro, the EP unleashes the foot-stomping It’s Elementary as its first song proper… a kick-ass drum-beat accompanying lush guitar riffs and a striking, almost post-punk hook that darts in and out. Jon Irizarry’s emphatic vocals enable the track to soar and fit in perfectly with the robust sound.

Perhaps even better, though, is Hostage, which employs a slinkier beat and an intricate, even flirtatious guitar sound that’s instantly striking. You could almost call it a Vampire Weekend moment instrumentally, although Irizarry’s vocals here have a more resolutely indie vibe. It’s moody, seductive and empowering (with lyrics that insist “don’t let ‘em cut you down boy”).

Title track Visionary then offers an instrumental interlude of sorts, clocking in at a little over a minute, and opening with a folksy acoustic guitar solo that gives way to a haunting central riff that’s beguiling.

Take The Blame then follows, tip-toeing into the shoegaze territory we’ve mentioned, as well as a Death Cab For Cutie vibe over the striking chorus (Irizarry’s vocals are particularly impassioned when he asks “what will it take to see you again”), while Leaving Home rounds things off with a bittersweet indie-pop gem to make you swoon (especially in the central guitar loop and engaging glockenspiel beats). There’s a sense of regret and sadness in the lyrics that declare “everybody’s leaving home” and you can well imagine the track finding its way onto some movie soundtrack for a farewell scene.

As a parting shot on this EP, it only makes you look bakc on Rigbi with even more fondness.

Listen to Leaving Home:

Listen to Take The Blame:

Download picks: Hostage, Leaving Home, Visionary

Track listing:

  1. Come Up
  2. It’s Elementary
  3. Hostage
  4. Visionary
  5. Take The Blame
  6. Leaving Home