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Rihanna overtakes Justin Bieber as most viewed artist on YouTube


Story by Jack Foley

RIHANNA has overtaken Justin Bieber as the most viewed artist on YouTube.

The 77 videos on Rihanna’s official VEVO channel have now been watched 3.784 billion times in total, surpassing Bieber’s 79 videos by roughly two million views.

The landmark has been put down to the success of Rihanna’s subscriber base, which now stands at 8.73 million compared to Bieber’s 4.9 million (a whopping 3.7 million more).

It also means that Rihanna boasts a much broader reach than Bieber.

Rihanna also trumps Bieber in terms of Facebook ‘likes’ – 72.3 million compared to 54.3 million.

However, Bieber recently overtook Lady Gaga as the most followed person on Facebook and has also become the first person to surpass 40 million followers.

Trailing behind both artists in terms of YouTube views are Psy at No. 3 (with 3.1 billion views), Eminem at No.4 (with 2.4 billion views) and Lady Gaga at No.5 (with 2.25 billion views).