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Robin Thicke - Something Else

Robin Thicke, Something Else

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

AWARD-winning multi-platinum R’n‘B casanova Robin Thicke returns with a largely self-produced third album that’s designed as a joyful modern tribute to the ’70s soul and pop records that have inspired him.

We’re talking Off The Wall era Michael Jackson, Philly soul, Marvin Gaye, ’70s black disco and even a little Motown. The result is a slick album of songs that are probably designed to serve as an afrodisiac for fans. But for all of Thicke’s smoothness, we could have done with a little more rough.

When he’s at his best, Thicke is keeping things lively… as the hip-swinging, James Brown referencing, “do doo”-laden Shadow of Doubt exemplifies. It’s sharp, snappy, sample-laden and expertly balances the retro with the modern.

But such moments are the exception to the rule, really. Thicke, himself, seems more comfortable coming over all crooner-style on moments such as Cry No More, or the piano lounge room based The Sweetest Love, which sounds as though it belonds on the soundtrack to a Woody Allen film, or When Harry Met Sally.

Such moments will probably melt the deeply romantic listeners (emerging as a musical Valentine to old-school romanticism), but they’re nowhere near as fun as snappier moments such as the swinging Hard On My Love, the bluesy Loverman, the Philly soul-soaked Magic or the smooth Something Else, which seems to steal the opening beat from Jackson’s Billie Jean.

As a complete album, Thicke’s Something Else is a mixed bag. Slick and fun in places, but gushingly romantic and a little too earnest at others… it ultimately promises more than it delivers.

Download picks: Magic, Loverman, Hard On My Love, Shadow of Doubt

Track listing:

  1. You’re My Baby
  2. Sidestep
  3. Magic
  4. Ms. Harmony
  5. Dreamworld
  6. Loverman
  7. Hard On My Love
  8. The Sweetest Love
  9. Something Else
  10. Shadow of Doubt
  11. Cry No More
  12. Tie My Hands – Robin Thicke, Lil Wayne