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Ronan Keating - Bring You Home

Ronan Keating, Bring You Home

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

RONAN Keating’s fourth studio album does everything fans would expect and no more. It’s a worthy offering, chock full of moody, slow-building ballads that’s extremely dull.

The former Westlife singer knows his formula for success and doesn’t attempt to stretch it whatsoever – making the album a pretty safe bet for anyone who’s ever swooned to his particular brand of music making.

Indeed, the most ambitious thing about Bring You Home is that Ronan himself has actually written 50 per cent of the tracks on it – but you can’t help but thinking that perhaps he should!

At 29, Ronan has sold over 19 million albums world-wide and continues to win fans (mostly female) wherever he travels.

As musically accomplished as Bring You Home may be, there’s no escaping it’s just plain dull. Most, if not all, tracks follow the same format – noble words, passionately delivered but without any sense of zip whatsoever.

Take the plodding, piano-based ballad To Be Loved, which goes nowhere extremely slowly, or the ultra-worthy This I Promise You, which boasts lines such as “when I look in your eyes, all of my life is before me”.

They’re songs made for hopeless romantics in search of first-dance songs at their weddings.

Superman is another classic case in point, a tedious slow-burner that boasts such choice lyrics as “I hope I’ll love you the best I can”, “but with you I feel like I’m flying” and “don’t you know I’m no superman but I’ll always be your man” – pass the sick bag, please!

While you can pretty much guess the lyrics to a song entitled It’s So Easy Loving You – it’s hardly a stretch to come up with lines like “with you I feel like I can touch the sky”.

What’s worse is his cover version of the Goo Goo Dolls’ seminal Iris given that it fails to achieve the emotional heights of the original version and is pathetically lightweight by comparison.

Former single, All Over Again does at least attempt to break with formula by featuring a duet with folk singer Kate Rusby, whose distinct style contrasts nicely with Ronan’s.

But in all other respects, this is a collection of drippy ballads that recall the noble intent of Bryan Adams’ “classics” such as Everything I Do (I Do It For You). If you loved that song, you’re bound to fall for these.

The rest should give it a very wide berth indeed!

Track listing:

  1. Friends In Time
  2. This I Promise You
  3. All Over Again
  4. Iris
  5. To Be Loved
  6. Superman
  7. So Easy Lovin’ You
  8. Back In The Backseat
  9. Bring You Home
  10. Hello Again
  11. Just When I’d Given Up Dreaming
  12. We Just Need Time
  13. So Far Away