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Rooney - Calling The World

Rooney, Callinhg The World

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

ROONEY are the type of band that are impossible to dislike thanks to effortlessly catchy pop-rock tunes such as When Did Your Heart Go Missing?.

But they also frustrate in spades because they’re too nice, too easy and somewhat risk-free.

Sophomore album Calling The World is a cute mix of Weezer-styled alt-rock and ELO-influenced grandstanding with a little of The Feeling’s flair thrown in.

Songs reflect life, love, happiness and heartbreak and are delivered amid a tidal wave of gorgeous melodies and skyscraping riffs – but somehow they lack anything to really make them memorable.

Lead singer Robert Schwartzman (younger brother of actor Jason and relative of the Coppola clan) injects every song with as much passion as he can muster – and yet still leaves you feeling indifferent.

Calling The World starts and ends well – but too much of the middle section is filler, not killer. Songs like Don’t Come Around Again and Love Me Or Leave Me drift over you with their safely, safely approach.

While ballads such as Tell Me Soon carry a whiff of tedium.

It could do with more OC friendly tracks like album opener Calling The World, which bounces along in nicely upbeat fashion, When Did Your Heart Go Missing?, with its sing-along accessibility, or final track Jump In My Bed, which trades spritely piano chords and handclap beats with cheeky lyrics such as “I’ve got plans for us, jump in my bed” and “I’m laying in the gutter where you left me with internal bleeding, it’s killing me”.

Such moments elevate Calling The World above the ordinary. But you just get the feeling that they’re content to be coasting, when adding a little edginess to mix might just work wonders in the future.

Download picks: Calling The World, When Did Your Heart Go Missing?, Jump In My Bed

Track listing:

  1. Calling The World
  2. When Did Your Heart Go Missing?
  3. I Should’ve Been After You
  4. Tell Me Soon
  5. Don’t Come Around Again
  6. Are You Afraid
  7. Love Me Or Leave Me
  8. Paralyzed
  9. What For
  10. All In Your Head
  11. Believe In Me
  12. Help Me Find My Way
  13. Get Away
  14. Jump In My Bed

  1. Awesome post (or review or interview, etc). i can’t wait to see them when they hit LA in november. there’s actually a cool interview with them in ragged that i just finished reading too. check it out for free at robert looks hot in the pics too…

    chase    Sep 14    #