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RSL At Jazz Cafe


Review by Rob Lord

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

ONCE again I find myself at the Jazz Cafe with RSL – the super Northern Latin tinged jazzters.

Last time they blew me away. This time I took my Dirty Dancing loving wife to see if they can shake some of the Patrick Swayze from her system and replace it with a love of large jazz ensembles.

And they did, at least temporarily. Julie E. Gordon made love to the mic once again, the bearded guitar maestro stroked and caressed his instrument as before and the 9 pieces of RSL conjured up another world of beaches, sun and cocktails in the tropics.

Their album transports the listener away and the live show equals it for Latin flair and feel good warmth.

RSL stunned me again and my wife has a new found appreciation of music you can actually dance dirty too.

They’re back again on March 31 and if I can find a way of sneaking out of my brothers wedding, I will be there. Hope you will be too.

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