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RSL: Caught live (Jazz Cafe)


Review by Rob Lord

November 9, 2005

RSL dropped the live version of Every Preston Guild into London’s Jazz Café on November 9, 2005, to an expectant crowd.

Anyone who has heard the debut album from RSL would know to look forward to a South American style jazz funk thingy. I tried to describe the sound in the album review, but was rubbish so I won’t try again here.

All you need to know is this nine-piece rolled up to London and laid down the soundtrack to a hazy party.

The opening, like the album, was Every Preston Guild Pt 1. The track built up the anticipation before bouncing around and around the Jazz Café’s walls and into the ears. It warmed the heart on a cold November night.

There were the up-tempo swinging dance beats of the well known Wesley Music and low down floor creeping shufflers like Cae La Lluvia.

The great thing about moving away from the Top 40 is that it is the talent that matters, not the looks.

RSL emphasise that to the extreme; there’s a Gary Megson look-alike on trumpet and more extreme was the cider drinking Devon folk look-alike on Spanish guitar.

With bald head and comedy beard he held the audience in the palm of is hand during his solo. He strummed the guitar with his eye’s closed and coasted off to some flamenco haven and took the rest of us with him.

What felt like 10 minutes was an hour ten and never was such time used so wisely.

I consistently fail to describe how good RSL are. Find out for yourself, see them live or buy Every Preston Guild.

  1. Great article - but I’m married to the reviewer so might be biased!

    Susie    Dec 9    #