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RSL - Every Preston Guild

RSL, Every Preston Guild

Review by Rob Lord

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

BUY this it is superb. I know that because my postman kept nicking my review copies, hence this late review.

I know my postman has got taste. He has long greasy hair, an unkempt moustache and smells of wee. If that sounds like you, then Every Preston Guild is also for you.

Of course, it also has wider appeal. I like it for example, and I only have two of the three traits described above.

Enough about me though, let’s talk about the album, which is apparently a rare event. And as the album took five years to make, it is an apt title.

Personally if it takes five years to do anything, I’d say you were lazy, but listening to the amalgamation of sounds on this album proves to me that they have been very, very busy.

For me this is a Latin-tinged funk dance album, but that’s because I’m a lazy journalist and haven’t learned the words to describe how good this really is.

Take Star, for instance, it has one of those minute long introductions, Spanish guitar licking away at your heels, before kicking into its shuffley yet pacey beat and with Mexican horns aplenty, maraca’s and flute.

There are probably instruments I’ve never heard of in the mix, but I don’t need to know what they are, because RSL have blended them together for me and they’ve done a stunning job of it.

It’s just disbelievingly brilliantly funky. I’d say it was the standout track, but it’s not – it’s just too hard to standout when the others are as good.

Writing this review, my hands have to leave the keyboard for some amateurish bongo playing on my desk. It’s an album that invites you to take part, to be included in the medley of sounds.

At the end of 65 minutes, Every Preston Guild is your exotic South American friend and you want to take him down the pub.

I should really describe more of the songs, but I’m having too much fun.

It’s not an album to be deconstructed and examined for its technical ability [though I’m sure it would pass that test], it’s an album to play on a rainy day when you wish it was summer, or on a summer’s day when the grass is green and life can’t get any better.

It’s an album that’ll put it’s arm around you and say ‘come on, it’ll be alright. Let’s have a beer’. I told you, it’s your new South American friend.

I’m sure there are other reviews on the web that will tell you about the tracks, so I don’t need to. I’m just going to tell you to buy it, play it and love it. If I’m wrong, Indielondon will refund you.*

Buy, buy, buy buy. It’s bloody brilliant.

* Indielondon will not, I repeat not, refund you. (Editor)

Track listing:
1. Every Preston Guild Part 1
2. The Mast
3. Plunge Interlude
4. Star
5. Cae La Lluvia
6. Inside Looking Out
7. Parga Wine
8. Wesley Music
9. The Plunge
10. Magic Intro [CD Format Only]
11. The Magic Of Spain