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Sam Beeton - In The Yard (Review)

Sam Beeton, In The Yard

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Twenty-six year old British singer-songwriter Sam Beeton has already been compared to Jeff Buckley and Paul Simon by no less than Katy Perry, while he can also count James Morrison, Jake Bugg and Ed Sheeran as fans.

His latest album, In The Yard, certainly offers compelling evidence of a rising young star who has his sights firmly set on emulating the greats. The Buckley comparison feels apt in places, as does one with Crowded House.

Certainly, what’s immediately apparent is how Beeton can construct a telling ballad. At several points on this album he delivers brooding, pensive ballads that hit home emotionally (see Out In The Yard and Moving Out as two prime early album examples). The former, in particular, is sure to draw those Neill Finn comparisons, while the latter has a touch of the Buckley about it.

In such songs, you can also see why he’s such a draw for artists like Sheeran and Morrison, who have performed with him (or used him as support). Moving Out is intricately layered, too, with instruments including country guitar, cinematic piano and subtle, poignant strings.

On The Yearling Song, on the other hand, Beeton captures an American sound that recalls classic Fountains of Wayne, particularly during the chorus, and once again wraps the vocals and lyrics around some beautifully constructed acoustic guitar licks. Indeed, the song really comes alive during the chorus.

But Beeton can also deliver a gutsy rock moment, too. Delta Hand is shot through with some gritty guitar licks that bring with them a welcome sense of urgency, while Beeton adapts his vocals to sound more edgy too (before hitting some falsetto highs during the chorus). It’s an arresting change of pace and, needless to say, another favourite.

Further highlights come from Fall Out (which again maintains a greater pace) and the breezy, acoustic folk-rock sound of Belong, which again draws favourable comparisons with classic Paul Simon or more contemporary singer-songwriters such as Joshua Radin (it’s almost certainly destined for a soundtrack placement).

Put simply, Beeton has delivered a really classy album with In The Yard. He looks certain for big things.

Download picks: Moving Out, The Yearling Song, Delta Hand, Fall Out, Belong

Track listing:

  1. Gold
  2. Can You Run
  3. Out in the Yard
  4. Moving Out
  5. The Yearling Song
  6. Delta Hand
  7. Fall Out
  8. Here in Silence
  9. Belong
  10. Waiting Game
  11. Can You See the Light

  1. He reminds me so much of Paul Simon just amazing

    Kaz    Mar 30    #