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Sin Fang - Flowers (Review)

Sin Fang, Flowers

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

SINDRI Már Sigfússon – aka Sin Fang – returns with his third collection of songs and continues to blossom nicely.

Flowers seems very much intent on delivering sunshine pop moments of the baroque variety with, perhaps, a little psychedelia thrown in.

Young Boys, the album opener, very much sets the template… a chugging beat and some trippy harmonies accompanying the opening, often repeated line: “We were young boys, smoking in the woods, I showed you how.”

But then the track springs to life amid glockenspiel style beats and ethereal vocals, with chiming melodies adding a hypnotic, breezy quality. It endears immediately.

Even more euphoric is the jangly, piano-strewn, woo-hoo laden What’s Wrong With Your Eyes, which really belongs in a summer stadium packed with giddy concert-goers. It’s a song to bring some summer warmth to the cold winter days.

Sunbeam, like its name suggests, is as effervescent and bright a baroque pop song as you’re likely to hear this side of a Voluntary Butler Scheme concoction, while…

But Sin Fang isn’t just about the impossibly feel-good. He’s capable of thought-provoking and ethereal too.

Feel See is very much a song for anyone who feels like an outsider… that there are like-minded individuals out there too just waiting to be found. There’s something vaguely reassuring to hear him sing: “Is there someone that feels like me, that there’s nothing to feel or see?” He almost creates symphonies with his electronics here too, while also giving his vocal delivery an ethereal edge.

Weird Heart, meanwhile, finds Sin taking a look at the things one doesn’t care about as one gets older. It’s perhaps one of the tracks where his eccentricities are over-indulged as the instrumentals struggle to settle down. But even when testing your patience a little, and veering from the overly feel-good and radio friendly, he’s worth sticking with.

And while not every track is a winner, there’s more than enough here to plant the seeds of musical contentment in your mind. For when Sin Fang gets it right, there’s a shimmering, happy quality about his songs that is impossible to dislike, with the barmy Everything Alright and the constantly evolving power pop of Not Enough being two more cases in point.

Watch the video for Look At The Light:

Download picks: Young Boys, What’s Wrong With Your Eyes, Feel See, Look At The Light


  1. Young Boys
  2. What’s Wrong With Your Eyes
  3. Look At The Light
  4. Sunbeam
  5. Feel See
  6. See Ribs
  7. Catcher
  8. Everything Alright
  9. Not Enough
  10. Weird Heart