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Sine Star Project - Blue Born Earth Boy

Sine Star Project, Blue Born Earth Boy

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

ANYONE thinking that Sine Star Project may have been spelt incorrectly had better think again. For it is actually an anagram of its creator’s name, Peter J Croissant, and their music is similarly complex and thought-provoking.

The band is comprised of four members, including singer Peter, drummer Alec Lowe (who is actually 17th in line to the Swedish throne), guitarist Mike Davies and bass player, Ben Rowley.

It was set up following the suicide of Peter’s best friend, which prompted him to reflect on his career. Hence, after stints engineering bands like the Delays he eventually decided he would form a band.

Needless to say, some of the songs on Blue Born Earth Boy are inspired by the emotions of having lost a friend – particularly opening track, Blood Light, which kicks things off in pretty sombre style.

The rest of the album is fairly eclectic, flitting from the heavy rock of mainstream Queens of the Stone Age (Bullet) to the epic style of Super Furry Animals (title track, Blue Born Earth Boy).

Some of it is impressive, yet a lot of the album feels a little too over-earnest and serious, thereby presenting an uneasy mix of creative styles and moodswings.

Born Anxious, for instance, is as angst-ridden as the name suggests, featuring lyrics such as ‘get tired of living, get tired of you’ and ‘what have I done?’. Croissant’s strained falsetto style is also at its most torturous.

Yet this comes in contrast to the strong melodies and easier going style of Open Your Eyes, with its distinctive guitar riffs and striking chorus. It is undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the album, especially when a mandolin is dropped in midway through to add to the aching beauty.

The ponderous style returns at several points on the album, such as the sombre, piano-drenched Wolf Driver and the brooding Down Down, which also include some Queen style Bohemian Rhapsody vocal layering. Coming so close to the end, they also tend to leave the biggest impression.

Blue Born Earth Boy is an interesting album – not necessarily bad, just difficult to access. It left me feeling underwhelmed more than anything.

Track listing:

  1. Blood Light
  2. Open Your Eyes
  3. Strange Girl
  4. Blue Born Earth Boy
  5. Bullet
  6. Born Anxious
  7. Wolf Liver
  8. Down Under
  9. Green Man