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Sir Michael Caine to release chillout compilation

Michael Caine in The Prestige

Story by Jack Foley

SELF confessed music afficionado Sir Michael Caine is to release a compilation of his favourite chill out tunes, it has been revealed.

Entitled Cained, the compilation will be released in September and is said to feature No Ordinary Morning by Chicane and Sinnerman by Felix Da Housecat.

The popular actor – best known for roles in Zulu, Get Carter and The Italian Job – came up with the idea during a visit to Sir Elton John’s holiday home in France.

He told ITN: “About ten years ago I started making my own compilations. I’ve always been interested in music and over the years have made literally thousands of tapes. And with chillout I suppose I finally found my forte.”

It remains to be seen whether Sir Michael’s compilation will pave the way for fellow actors to copy – much like musicians with the Late Night Tales and/or Back To Mine series – but Cained should be an interesting listen to say the least.

If other thesps did follow suit, compilations we’d like to hear include those from Jack Black (away from Tenacious D guise), Zach Braff (already an expert of sorts following Garden State and The Last Kiss), George Clooney (just cos the man oozes cool) and Cameron Diaz (for cheesy, party style fun).

Which actors/actresses would you like to hear compilations from?