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Sneaky Sound System - Sneak Preview: Mixes And Remixes

Sneaky Sound System

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

SNEAKY Sound System have decided to release their new mini-album Sneak Preview: Mixes And Remixes, as an iTunes exclusive – pre-empting the release of their debut full UK album in early 2009.

The internet exclusive features reworkings of their hits so far by artists including Van She, Tonite Only and Breakbot and is designed to serve as a taster of what to expect from their forthcoming LP, as well as a reminder of what one of the better mainstream dance outfits achieved last year.

Expectation surrounding Sneaky Sound System has been high ever since their latest LP 2 debuted at the top of the chart in their native Australia, following the success of their first album, which has now gone triple-Platinum and spawned four hit singles.

Their sound is best described as “sugar-rush electro” (as pinned down by The Sunday Times), given their propensity for cheesy disco-lite beats and kitsch ’80s references. And they’re at their best with dance anthems such as UFO, which drops disco-synth beats over lusty female vocals and proclaims, giddily, “I saw a UFO but nobody believes me”. You can well imagine the dancefloors being packed whenever it comes on.

Pictures is another disco floor-filler… though not quite as successful – and certainly more formulaic – than UFO. But it’s easy to see why the likes of Hot Chip and company can be rated as fans.

Of the remixes, Sam La More drops a Daft Punk-style workout over Kansas City, while Van She Tech layers on the bleeps and alien elements for their UFO makeover (a highlight).

And Breakbot sprinkle some floor-filler magic over When We Were Young – a track that, vocally at least, draws comparisons with the likes of The Knife and Robyn at times.

To be truthful, though, Sneaky Sound System have some way to go before they can truly be considered an essential dance outfit. As this remix compilation demonstrates, a lot of their songwriting can become repetitive (You’re Hot being a prime example), while the dance workouts do conform to a rigid style and could do with a little more diversity.

It should be interesting to see whether they broaden their sound (and appeal beyond Oz) when they finally deliver their next LP next year.

Download picks: UFO (original and Van She Tech Remix), When We Were Young

Track listing:

  1. Pictures
  2. I Love It (Big Raiders Remix)
  3. Kansas City (Sam La More Remix)
  4. UFO (Van She Tech Remix)
  5. I Just Don’t Want To Be Loved
  6. When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)
  7. You’re Hot
  8. Pictures (Tonite Only Remix)
  9. UFO