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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Fly By Wire (Review)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Fly By Wire

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

MISSOURI-based indie-pop trio Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin may have an obscure name but their music has a universal appeal.

Fourth album Fly By Wire is another collection of multi-layered indie-pop that almost effortlessly engages.

Drawing as much from the pop-punk power chords their brains were wired to love as teens in the late ’90s as the multi-layered pop of the ’60s and ’70s they strive to emulate, this is a breezy listen that has plenty to recommend it… and several moments of crossover appeal.

Harrison Ford gets things rolling with a mid-tempo electro-pop offering that combines great piano arrangements with a warm acoustic sound and lyrics that chronicle an unlikely love affair, before hitting you with an even more summery vibe on Young Presidents, a toe-tapper and hand-clapper of immense fun.

If those two songs sound very contemporary, then Cover All Sides has a more ’70s leaning that channels ELO and Supertramp, while the lush acoustic sound of Ms. Dot has a classic rock-folk vibe that’s really charming.

Further highlights, meanwhile, come in the form of the lovely Bright Leaves and the upbeat Nightwater Girlfriend, which trades fuzzy guitar riffs with more hand-clap beats and easily puts a smile on your face (in a none too dissimilar way to bands like Eels and Fountains of Wayne).

For Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin, the journey towards completing the album marked a seminal point in their history. After hearing about the band and their unusual name, The Boris Yeltsin Foundation in Yekaterinburg, Russia extended an invitation to the band to visit them, prompting Phil Dickey, Will Knauer and Jonathan James to spend a whirlwind six days there in January.

During their say, they met with Yeltsin’s close friends and personal translator (who gifted them seven bottles of expensive Russian vodka) and performed at an elementary school after the US consulate named them cultural ambassadors for a day.

The trip concluded with a set at Old Nu Rock, making SSLYBY the first American group to play at Russia’s largest winter rock festival.

It’s therefore been a remarkable year so far for them… capped off by this hugely enjoyable album.

Download picks: Harrison Ford, Young Presidents, Ms. Dot, Bright Leaves, Nightwater Girlfriend

Track listing:

  1. Harrison Ford
  2. Young Presidents
  3. Cover All Sides
  4. Lucky Young
  5. Ms. Dot
  6. Loretta
  7. Unearth
  8. Bright Leaves
  9. Nightwater Girlfriend
  10. Fly By Wire