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Spandau Ballet - a reunion possible

Feature by Lizzie Guilfoyle

ACCORDING to reports, Spandau Ballet, one of the biggest bands of the 80s, may reform on their 30th anniversary – in about four years time.

The five member band – Tony Hadley (lead vocals), Gary Kemp (guitar and main songwriter), Martin Kemp (bass), John Keeble (drums) and Steve Norman (rhythm guitar, percussion and saxophone) – was formed in 1979 and enjoyed a string of hits, among them True, Gold and Through the Barricades.

However in 1999, following an acrimonious split, Hadley, Keeble and Norman lost a £1 million lawsuit against Gary Kemp for a share of the songwriting royalties. The three were subsequently forced to sell their shares in the band to pay legal costs.

In spite of their estrangement, Kemp was said to have approached Hadley about reforming for the 2005 Live 8 concert in London’s Hyde Park but without success. Now, it seems, they are willing to put the past behind them.

Of the five band members, it’s only really Hadley and Martin Kemp who have remained in the public eye – Hadley for winning the reality TV show Reborn in the USA, as well as starring as Billy Flynn in the hit West End musical Chicago; and Kemp for his portrayal of super-smooth nightclub owner Steve Owen in EastEnders.