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Stagecoach - Say Hi To The Band (Review)

Stagecoach, Say Hi To The Band

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

SAY ‘hi’ to Stagecoach because they could easily become one of your new favourite bands.

Debut album Say Hi To The Band has been 10 years in the making and is chock full of hooks, harmonies and huge choruses, as well as the odd engaging slow moment.

As mentioned, Stagecoach have spent the past decade touring, writing, travelling, recording, learning and growing to get to this point. And the wait has been worth it.

There’s plenty to admire here… songs that lean towards the stadium filling and which have a sense of fun about them that seems ripe for summer appreciation. What’s more, they have a sound that should easily make the leap across the Atlantic too.

Highlights fly thick and fast. Work! Work! Work! sets things in motion in boisterous fashion, with cute hooks and livewire electronics combining to create a heady brew that owes more than a passing glance to the style of Fountains of Wayne and bands of that ilk. The chorus has an instantly catchy vibe.

That extends even more so to giddy follow-up Action, which drops killer hooks, tambourine beats and effortlessly feel-good choruses to disarm and charm in equal measure.

There’s a slightly leftfield indie approach to the slower paced 56k Dial-Up, which shows they can mix tempos with aplomb. But really classy evidence of that ability comes from the likes of First & Last, which genuinely seems to exist to surprise, and I’m Not Your House, which slows things down for a genuinely great ballad.

Of those two tracks, the former begins in low-key, stripped back fashion, before layering in the instrumentals and then suddenly hitting you with some siren-like riffs around the two minute mark…. before then stripping it all back down again to intricate licks and more slow-building. It’s a great track.

I’m Not Your House, meanwhile, maintains a steady, deliberate pace that positively broods over its tale of heartbreak (“we look for love but no one’s in”). The melancholy central guitar riff that appears and disappears is especially disarming.

Aside from those moments, Nothing Leads You Astray is a more kick-ass, hand-clap laden moment to get giddy with, King’s Resolve impresses with another slow-build technique and Video Shop rounds things off with a charming and tender acoustic moment that, again, disarms by virtue of its winning simplicity.

Like we said, this is an album that’s been worth the wait. It’s one to savour.

Download picks: Work! Work! Work!, Action, First & Last, I’m Not Your House, Nothing Leads You Astray

Track listing:

  1. Work! Work! Work!
  2. Action
  3. 56k Dial-Up
  4. A New Hand
  5. Threequel
  6. King’s Resolve
  7. First & Last
  8. Nothing Leads You Astray
  9. We Got Tasers
  10. I’m Not Your House
  11. Video Shop