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Status Quo – Quid Pro Quo

Status Quo, Quid Pro Quo

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

IT MUST be easy being Status Quo for, as their name suggests, they like to maintain a constant sound.

Their umpteenth album, Quid Pro Quo, is released exclusively in Tesco but follows the usual hard rocking routine. And that’s really the best that can be said.
The chugging guitar sound, the melodic ‘rockin’ all over the world’ influenced choruses, the distinct vocals… they’re all present and correct, sometimes blatantly so.

Occasionally, the sound dares to combine other classic rock elements, with rare album highlight Better Than That opening with a Led Zeppelin meets The Who intro that eventually gives rise to a crowd-pleasing Quo crowd-pleaser (complete with an ‘all over the world’ lyric).

But in the main, this is the sort of rigid rock formula Quo have been putting out year after year and which really belongs in a bygone era. There’s no real sense of progression and, perhaps more alarmingly, not much to differentiate several of the tracks across the 15 on offer.

The stuck in a rut feeling is also underlined by the choice of final track: a 2010 version of In The Army Now. Yet ironically, attempts to make that sound more contemporary also backfire, as this ‘new version’ lacks the punch and feels more like an ‘80s offering that the original!

Quo fans will doubtless lap it up but there’s absolutely nothing here for newcomers or even nostalgic occasional fans who may have warmed to past offerings, and who may consider seeing how they’ve matured. They haven’t.

In addition to the 14 new tracks, the album boasts a second disc containing the Official Bootleg – Greatest Hits Live, which was recorded in Amsterdam and Melbourne last year and offers 10 classics, including Down Down, Whatever You Want and Caroline.

A limited run of 1000 deluxe box sets will be available worldwide, 500 exclusively from

The sets will comprise a vinyl album in a gatefold sleeve, the 2CD version featuring special artwork and 2 extra live tracks, a Quo poster, individually numbered “Quo Quid” banknote, a T-shirt and a set of badges [unavailable elsewhere]. The sets will retail at £50.

Download picks: Better Than That, It’s All About You

Track listing:

  1. Two Way Traffic
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ You
  3. Dust To Gold
  4. Let’s Rock
  5. Can’t See For Looking
  6. Better Than That
  7. Movin’ On
  8. Leave A Little Light On
  9. Any Way You Like It
  10. Frozen Hero
  11. Reality Cheque
  12. The Winner
  13. It’s All About You
  14. My Old Ways
  15. In The Army Now (2010)

  1. If you think this is the same rigid rock formula that Quo have churned out for years then you quite obviously don’t know much about quo’s output over the years!!

    John S    Jun 2    #
  2. You haven’t been listening mate! Not to this record and not to their previous couple of records. Yes, there are a couple of standard Quo songs on there. There are also a couple of things they really haven’t done before. Compared to ‘cool’ bands like Motorhead and the Ramones Quo are changing all the time. And picking the songs you did as downloads goes to show you haven’t heard the whole album. Check Two Way Traffic, Dust To Gold and Any Way You Like It. Three not so standard Quo songs. You’d better keep gazing at y’r shoes instead of doing reviewings.

    John B    Jun 7    #