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Steven Wilson - Insurgentes

Steven Wilson, Insurgentes

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

Steven Wilson’s first solo venture is a dark and brooding creation. Known for his work as the founder of the alt-rock Porcupine Tree, he is a musical machine, having worked with countless other artists and his proficiency in many areas of production; from playing instruments to the engineering. Insurgentes signifies a chance for Wilson to go his own way and start afresh.

Opening track, Harmony Korine, is a defining moment as music builds mystically before breaking into a chorus filled with passion and energy. This shows the 41-year-old’s ability when it comes to writing good tunes and his awareness of the genre he has so much involvement with.

The rest of the album is bizarre, though, as it perambulates through industrial sounds and mumbled lyrics; it can seem like a soundtrack to a horror film. Apart from the superb opener, there are no songs that stand out. The music becomes far too ambient and empty, taking a backseat as you become increasingly bored.

Wilson’s ability as a musician is commendable, but this album lacks a lot of the depth that fans of his work would have been expecting. It’s a scattered and weak production that leaves you wanting more.

If a dark, messy, alternative concoction was what Wilson was aiming for then he has achieved just that, but this is not what would have been expected after his work with the likes of Opeth and Porcupine Tree, who at least provide a few foot-tapping moments.

On the whole, the only noteworthy element of Insurgentes is a brilliant opening track, with the rest of the album never really getting off the ground.

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Track Listing:

  1. Harmony Korine
  2. Abandoner
  3. Salvaging
  4. Veneno Para Las Hadas
  5. No Twilight
  6. Significant Other
  7. Only Child
  8. Twilight Coda
  9. Get All You Deserve
  10. Insurgentes