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Streetdance OST - Review

Streetdance OST

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

A FILM like Streetdance 3D had to have a big soundtrack to support it. What’s surprising is just how good it is.

Essentially a collection of urban and pop tracks, with touches of grime and classical influences, it’s as lively, invigorating and energetic as the dancing in the movie suggests.

It also boasts a star-studded line-up of performers from N-Duz and Pixie Lott to Wiley, Sugababes, Fatboy Slim and Ironik.

The emphasis is predominantly on urban, given streetdance’s roots in that genre, but – like the movie itself – it showcases how that scene can offer crossover appeal.

That said, it’s still a soundtrack for listeners with their ear to the charts and the mainstream, which means indie kids and rock groupies need not really apply.

Of the tracks worth listening out for – and there are plenty among the 18 assembled – Tinie Tempah’s urban/drum’n‘bass rollout Pass Out is a fantastically vibrant entry point that fuses genres and plays like a credible dancefloor filler.

N-Dubz and Bodyrox then combine classical elements (befitting the ballet backdrop) with pop on former single We Dance On, an easy crowdpleaser and a guilty pleasure pop offering if ever there was one.

N-Dubz crop up again on the Black Eyed Peas-esque Strong Again, which showcases their more trademark mix of rap and pop. It’s an OK listen, and a chart friendly Capital FM favourite.

Ironik mixes his flow with one of Elton Joh’s seminal cuts for Tiny Dancer, one of the more instantly recognisable offerings, while Pixie Lott gives her smooth vocals a real workout in the funky, hip Love For The Moment – a track that combines sass with instant moveability.

Lightbulb Thieves supply one of the movie’s grandstanding moments with their mix of classical music and thumping urban beats on WorkIt Out, and it’s difficult not to remember the vibrancy of the scene in question when appreciating it.

And songs from the likes of Fatboy Slim (the typically club orientated Champion Sound), the hip-hop flavoured Humblest Start from LP & JC, and Wiley’s fun-tabulous Cash In My Pocket all score highly.

Vega4 supply a Snow Patrol-style brooding indie ballad (Life Is Beautiful) to accentuate the romantic elements of the movie, and generally get that right.

All of which make for a better than average listen, particularly given my previous reservations about this music scene.

There are duds, of course. A Crazy Cousins Remix of Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love is pretty rubbish, while the grime-heavy likes of Lethal Bizzle’s Going Out Tonight and the cheesy, lazy pop of Sugababes’ forgettable Get Sexy are just plain naff.

But in the main, this is a grandstanding collection of tracks that compliment the feelgood vibe of the movie [and most notably its dancing well] as well as a pretty decent stand-alone collection in its own right.

Download picks: Pass Out, We Dance On, Work it Out, Tiny Dancer, Live For The Moment, Humblest Start, Cash In My Pocket, Life Is Beautiful

Track listing:

  1. Pass Out – Tinie Tempah
  2. We Dance On – N-Dubz, Bodyrox
  3. Work It Out – Lightbulb Thieves
  4. Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) – Ironik
  5. Strong Again – N-Dubz
  6. Live For The Moment – Pixie Lott
  7. Candy – Aggro Santos, Kimberly Wyatt
  8. Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole
  9. Going Out Tonight – Lethal Bizzle
  10. Get Sexy – Sugababes
  11. The Humblest Start – LP, JC
  12. Cash In My Pocket – Wiley
  13. Beggin’ – Madcon
  14. Club Battle – LP, JC, Skibadee, Mc Det, Chrome, Blemish
  15. Champion Sound – Fatboy Slim
  16. Life Is Beautiful – Vega4
  17. Broken – McLean
  18. One In A Million – Swiss, Music Kidz