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Sucioperro - Random Acts of Intimacy

Sucioperro, Random Acts of Intimacy

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

ACCORDING to their PR, Sucioperro play an effortless mix of math rock precision, emotive acoustic songs and no-nonsense, rousing radio anthems.

Hence, fans of Foo Fighters, The Police and Jimmy Eat World might find something to enjoy, while one critic went so far as to say that they bounce somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and Crowded House.

Pronounced “sooch-ee-oh-perro”, Sucioperro is the Spanish term for dirty dog or dirty bitch. Odd name? Wait til you get a load of the performers – The Dragon (on vocals/guitar), The Big Slice (bass), The Farmer (guitar) and The Welshman (drums). The former may already be known to rock fans as the brains behind the mysterious Marmaduke Duke, whose debut album The Magnificent Duke emerged in 2005.

As far as their music goes, there is some truth to some of the comparisons – although they’re not in the same league as any of them.

An over-dependency on the use of the word “fuck” blights many of their singles – whether fast rocking, or more intimate and acoustic based.

Title track, Random Acts of Intimacy is a classic case in point – musically very sound, with some nice acoustic interludes, but the chorus of “she fucking haunts me” feels a little unnecessary. The track also descends into an out and out rock monster that you might not see coming as well, providing an awkward sense of tone and a complete lack of restraint.

The heavy, borderline metal I Don’t Hate It, I Accept It is all about anger, self-harm and violence but lacks the coherence of the artists they’ve been compared to, such as Rage Against The Machine.

The band is clearly at its most relaxed when rocking out as the majority of tracks are built around crunching riffs and shouty vocals. The mere fact that the title track drifts into a complete rock-out also backs that assumption up.

But they are actually tighter musically when reigning their tendencies in – as with Apathy = Inaction, another acoustic slow-builder that’s politically minded. The central riff sounds like something on the latest Green Day album (from Wake Me Up When September Ends), while the political content is pretty indicative of a lot of current thinking. But again they can’t resist dropping in the F-word, which feels a little lazy when attempting to make a strong point.

Sucioperro show plenty of signs of potential, especially during some of their acoustic efforts, but they still feel a little too rough around the edges and could do with toning things down a bit. It’s as if they’re trying to cover all genres and please everyone without really pleasing anyone in particular.

Track listing:

  1. The Crushing of the Little People
  2. Wolf Carnival
  3. Grace and Out Of Me
  4. Random Acts of Intimacy
  5. Dialog on the 2
  6. I Don’t Hate It, I Accept It
  7. Tem v Com
  8. Apathy=Inaction
  9. List of What Needs Said
  10. The Drop
  11. The Final Confessions of Mabel Stark