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Tall Ships - Everything Touching (Review)

Tall Ships, Everything Touching

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

BRIGHTON-based post-rockers Tall Ships have delivered a great new album in Everything Touching, an intricately composed yet thrillingly delivered collection of songs.

Kicking off with the spiky but infectious guitar riffs of T=0 and winding down with the epic Murmurations, the album has already drawn favourable comparisons with the likes of Battles, Biffy Clyro and Sigur Ros… and can only succeed in winning the band a wider fan-base.

T=0 is a classic example of the band’s leftfield sensibilities, yet their ability to keep within the remits of mainstream appeal too. The guitar sound is utterly thrilling, while Ric’s vocals have a slightly shoegaze tendency. Put together, these opposites provide a strong attraction and the chorus sweeps you off your feet when played loud.

Murmurations, on the other hand, is all about epic slow-build, emerging from a heart-beat style beat and some tender guitar licks into something quietly enchanting. Some might argue that the deliberate approach flirts with being pretentious.

But as it builds with intensity and layers in the instruments and a choir-backed set of vocals, its beauty is often breathtakingly bittersweet (and even poignant). It’s also a fitting finale to a fantastic listen that leaves you wanting more.

In between, there’s much to admire too. Phosphorescence has a giddy guitar loop to immediately hook you in, as well as a more indie-pop sensibility more in keeping with acts like Noah & The Whale.

While the guitar work on Oscar resembles classic Blur (and therefore Brit-pop meets indie), before building into something more epic and intense.

Gallop, as its name suggests, offers the album’s most robust foot-stomper with a set of vocals to rival The Smiths, Idolatry slows down the tempo and hits you with an ethereal moment to rival the shimmering beauty of Sigur Ros at their most grand (complete with falsetto vocal), and Books disarms with its haunted, poignant beauty.

Put together, this is masterful stuff – diverse, consistently entertaining and hugely thought-provoking. It’s worth setting sail with this class act.

Download picks: T=0, Oscar, Idolatry, Books, Murmurations

Watch the video for T=0

Track listing:

  1. T=0
  2. Best Ever
  3. Phosphorescence
  4. Oscar
  5. Ode To Ancestors
  6. Gallop
  7. Idolatry
  8. Send News
  9. Books
  10. Murmurations