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Team Me - To The Treetops! (Review)

Team Me, To The Treetops

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

IF YOU’RE in need of some cheering up, try tuning into the debut album from Scandinavian outfit Team Me.

To The Treetops! seems to be picking up its cues from where The Polyphonic Spree once left off. It’s billed as a playfully experimental album that’s full of depth and warm. And it’s a bit good, if something of an acquired taste.

It opens with the explosive Riding My Bicycle (From Ragnvalsbekken to Sorkedalen), a euphoric mix of high pitched, layered vocals and chiming beats and percussions that adds up to a wondrous, magical while. It shouldn’t work as well as it does maybe but it’s very much a statement of intent, clocking in at close to seven minutes, but taking you on a beautiful journey.

If you come out the other side (and many will), then the album that follows is similarly ‘out there’ but fun. Team Me have a keen ear for melody, while suffusing each track with quirks and unexpected emotional depth.

Show Me maintains the momentum, with more high pitched vocals, emphatic beats and beautiful melodic arrangements, as does Patrick Wolf & John Daniels, with its giddy declaration of “wake me up my love, wake me up my love”, ‘nah nah’ harmonies and glockenspiel assisted beats.

Another former favourite is Weathervanes and Chemicals, which combines some cracking drum arrangements with more “aaah ah ha” harmonising and glockenspiel melodies.

But then when you think you’re getting the measure of proceedings, and the euphoric nature of the songs so far, Team Me go and drop in a stripped back, intimate offering such as Fool, which wins you over in different, far more vulnerable ways.

And so the album continues to work its charm with mixed up tempos and endearing sentiments. Dear Sister offers another explosion of impossibly upbeat and beautiful melodies, Favourite Ghost strips things back down to more intricate acoustic melodies and darker subject matter, and Daggers rounds things off with a warm slice of anthemic chaos to underline just how brilliant this Oslo-based act is.

Download picks: Riding My Bicycle [From Ragnvaldsbekken To Sorkedalen], Show Me, Weathervanes And Chemicals, Fool, Dear Sister, Daggers

Track listing:

  1. Riding My Bicycle [From Ragnvaldsbekken To Sorkedalen]
  2. Show Me
  3. Patrick Wolf & Daniel Johns
  4. Weathervanes And Chemicals
  5. Fool
  6. Dear Sister
  7. Favorite Ghost
  8. Looking Thru The Eyes Of Sir David Brewster
  9. With My Hands Covering Both Of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have A Look At You Now
  10. Daggers