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Tegan & Sara – Get Along

Tegan and Sara, Get Along

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WHERE most bands are content to release Greatest Hits back catalogues this time of year, Tegan And Sara have gone one better, issuing a CD/DVD package that really does offer a treasure trove of treats.

Musically, the CD part consists of 15 tracks captured live during a 70-minute stripped down studio concert the duo recorded for an intimate audience of 75 fans, friends and family over two days at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.

Acoustically based and delivered with all the vocal passion and intensity we’ve come to expect from Tegan and Sara, it’s a brilliant showcase of why they have managed to garner such a following, States-side especially, and been covered by the likes of The White Stripes, Alkaline Trio and Cancer Bats (let alone be chosen to support Neil Young, The Killers, Death Cab For Cutie and Ryan Adams).

Though simple in construct in this stripped back format, the songs are rich in melody, high on emotional content and benefit from the intimate delivery.
Highlights include the album opener Alligator, which unfolds in almost a capella fashion, before combining some subtle acoustic strums and piano chords. It’s heartfelt, intelligently conceived and the vocals are brilliant.

Monday Monday Monday is nicely familiar and vibrantly delivered, I Hear Noises adds a bit more of a pop-punk edge, while Night Watch once more combines the acoustics and piano chords to brilliant effect.

Back In Your Head, meanwhile, is another of Tegan and Sara’s really great songs, complete with sing-along friendly chorus, yet delivered here with such raw intimacy that you have to sit back and listen in wonder.

Relief Next To Me offers a great set of layered vocals and a distinct hook that instantly endears the song, Nineteen is passionately delivered and full of provocative yearning and loss, while Sentimental Tune rounds things off in supremely pleasurable fashion with plenty of warmth.

On the DVD side of things, Get Along offers viewers a rare and intimate look into the lives of Tegan and Sara Quin.

The first film, States, is a 30-minute documentary that uses American touring footage and interviews with Tegan and Sara as a backdrop to illuminate their early career beginnings and unique connection with their fanbase.

The second film, India, is a 25-minute documentary shot during Tegan and Sara’s first-ever tour of India, using interview footage with Tegan, Sara and a cast of family and friends to chronicle diverse reflections on road life.

And the third film, the aforementioned For The Most Part, is that 70-minute stripped-down studio concert, shot before an intimate audience of 75. Like we said, it’s a package that represents a veritable treasure trove for fans and newcomers alike.

Download picks: Alligator, Monday Monday Monday, Night Watch, Back In Your Head, Divided, Relief Next To Me, Nineteen, Sentimental Tune

Track listing:

  1. Alligator
  2. I Know I Know I Know
  3. Monday Monday Monday
  4. I Hear Noises
  5. Night Watch
  6. Back In Your Head
  7. Divided

#Call It Off
  1. Relief Next To Me
  2. The Ocean
  3. Nineteen
  4. Knife Going In
  5. Not With You
  6. I Won’t Be Left
  7. Sentimental Tune